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Did she take me on a date?

Forget Myself

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So this girl and I have been friends for a long time and recently we have been spending a lot of time together, hanging out at home and going out at night and stuff. Even on thanksgiving she invited me to her grandma's to meet her family and I had a great time.


So tonight she calls me at work around 5pm and asks if I wanted to go to dinner, that she was near my work, so I said ok I'll leave here in like 20 minutes. She was only a couple miles away and when I got there she was waiting for me and it was this fancy type restaurant and she was all dressed up and looked really good, there was only a couple people in the restaurant besides us. During dinner she brought up her family and told me they all were asking if I was her boyfriend and they really liked me. We talked for a long time and then after dinner we walked to get cupcakes at a shop nearby.


I know we are good friends, and she is dating this guy, but he lives far away and she rarely talks about him with me. What do you guys think? It seemed pretty formal, I was surprised.

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She brought you around on thanksgiving to meet her family...then a dinner date which involved a conversation about her family asking about you...


Dude...make a move already, plain and simple, you keep waiting around and asking us about these things you may lose your chance.


Yeah long distance guys out the door...

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