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My boyfriend, myself, and our friends...


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Lately ive been really frustrated with my 'friends'. I knew some of these people years ago before i went thru my 'bad girl' period. Werent really friends per say, more so acquaintances. When my boyfriend and i started to hang out years later, people were very against it. Mostly because they liked his ex more, and thought i was too wild for a sweet guy like him. Ive since become the 'good girl' for the most part, and have really settled down.


Well fast forward to now, most of us are friends, aside from his ex but we are civil. My problem is im starting to feel these people are not really in fact my friends. I dont know why but i just have this feeling of "dont need them, dont care, find new ones later". Granted we are all in our early to late 20s, but most of them only care about partying, drinking, and bashing on me and my boyfriend. I personally would have no problem cutting ties with these people, but i dont think its fair to even think my boyfriend would be ok with that.


Im just kind of sick of all the drama, the jokes, the partying, and feeling as if they only put up with us because we are around. Is there anything i can do about this? Should i talk to my boyfriend about how im feeling??

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I don't know what you mean when you say "bashing on me and my boyfriend". If they are in fact talking to you both in a disrespectful way, and not in a friendship kind of way - well yeah then ditch them. You would be right then, they arn't your friends.


But if all you feel is that they are an annoyance to you, you can distance yourself away from them, and come together with everyone when group situations arise. But if your boyfriend likes these people, well he can be friends with them.

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What Day_Walker said.


Besides, if they bash on you and your boyfriend in your presence, they will definitely bash on you when you're not there. Depends if your boyfriend is man enough to defend you and tell them to cut it out lest he cut THEM out. Whatever you do, don't bad mouth them when he's around or can hear. You have a greater chance of success if you take the high road and are all nice and sweet, while when he goes out, he has to hear his "friends" bash you and he has to keep defending you. At some point, he'll realize that he doesn't need that crap...and he'll stick with you.

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