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Hey, I signed up specifically for this query, I needed to ask someplace I knew would be helpful.


Anyway, I'm a guy who has had feelings for this other guy for 2 years now. I met him in college, he's a nice guy. I thought it was just a fleeting crush, but the feelings are still strong, perhaps stronger, two years on. He's heterosexual and has a girlfriend, I don't intend to ever make a move.


The thing is, I don't want to be feeling like this for this guy forever. I just want my affection for him to disappear. We're not exactly close friends, more aquaintances. I took the step to delete him from my Facebook (which is my one and only form of contacting him). I just wondered, is this the right move? Will it help in letting me move on?


Furthermore, do you believe my feelings could go and I could maybe fall for someone who is possible of feeling the same way? Right now, I feel like I'll never feel this way for another guy, and it kills me.


Sorry for the long-winded post.

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You are infatuated. You dont really know the guy and you are idealizing him.


Yes you will move on from this dont worry about it.


You're 100% correct. I haven't gotten to know him well enough to actually be in "love", it just feels like it! Thanks for the reply, I'm sure I will eventually forget him, removing my only form of contacting him should hopefully speed that up.

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