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Care to take a crack at it:


I know exactly what I want, and I have not found it yet. There are so many men on this thing that I find it hard to believe that they are all pickier than myself, but I don't want to be married, and I don't want any kids (especially babies). I even did a very limited search today, to see if my expectations are completely outrageous, and I got a total of three men that fit the criterion. None of which I am attracted to. Plus, Match has a bug that does not outrule the no children clause. What is it that you want? Can you describe the perfect girl for you? I would like to think that the perfect one for me is nondescript. When I say I don't know, I guess that I really mean that the person doesn't exist, so I give up.



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What is it that you want? Can you describe the perfect girl for you?


Sure. She's gotta be blonde, athletic, intelligent, kind, can and will cook for me, knows how to take a joke and toss it back, and she's gotta be filthy rich. But that doesn't really mean much. I'm not that picky to disqualify a woman for having black hair or be jobless.


I like to keep an open mind when it comes to online dating. I'll go on a date with a woman, it's not working out, we'll end it there, and I'll get a phone call the next day from a woman telling me her friend just went out with me the previous night and although we didn't hit it off, she told her that I might be a match for her. So you never know. I don't know if that's the mentality you'd want to adopt.

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i say, just put all that out there on your profile if that's what you really want. don't worry about scaring off guys or whatever, those guys aren't right for you anyways. the ones that want the same thing will eventually come along. or not, maybe you'll find the right guy elsewhere, when you least expect it.


and the perfect girl for me is pretty nondescript. there are a few deal breakers, but, for the most part, i don't require anything.

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Perfect girl for me...


Physically she just has to be someone I find cute. Doesnt need to be drop dead gorgeous, or slim or athetlic or fat or anything, just a girl I can look at and think "aw shes pretty". Personality is everything to me, someone I can talk to without feeling I needed to hide anything.


Kids Im not fussed about, if she really doesnt want them I can respect that and be ok with it. If she really really wants them, well Id have to take a look at our current situation and make a decision based on that.


She cant smoke. Smoking is a definite no. Even if she had everything else this one thing would put me off completely.


A good sense of humour. A mix of independance and needyness. Id like to feel like she needs me but at the same time she wont hit the wall if Im not around for a few days.


A similar sex drive to me would be a giant bonus.

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This pretty much sums it up for me as well. Though i would also add in their if they already have kids, i'm not into becoming an instant father figure right off the bat. I would rather be able to start my own family. A lot of girls in my area that are in their 20's have kids already and most of them are single moms.

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I'm not exceedingly particular. About the only non-starters for me would be:


*Uses tobacco

*Uses any kind of drugs

*Is loud and gossipy (i.e. puts people's business in the street)

*Does more to hide her natural beauty than enhance it (through weaves, silicone add-ons, or any other plastic surgery)

*Judges people based on superficial things or meaningless tripe put out by the media

*Wants me to be someone I'm not (e.g. a thug, drug dealer, or a player)


Other than the above, I can learn to adapt to a female companion given enough time and the chance to know her.

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I have to be attracted to her but she doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous.. I like a woman who is all natural and doesn't try to hide or enhance her looks with makeup. I want someone who can carry an intelligent conversation and a good communicator. She has to be caring and non judgmental and value my opinions as much as I value hers.

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I'd like an honest woman who works hard, has a great mind, takes care of her body and most importantly is ready to committ to a relationship. I find that my struggle isn't neccessarily meeting women, but finding women who are ready to committ to a serious and exclusive relationship. That's a lot of work that not very many people really want to do these days. I'm open to that possibility but haven't been doing a lot of looking around.

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