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Things are almost great with my ex


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didnt go complete no contact, kinda rushed and * * * * ed up two weeks in but at about a month i sent flowers and a letter saying i missed her for her, not just the romance. we pretty quickly had sex and doing bf gf things again.


its a little hard though, it just happened so we havent jumped right back into the closeness, she seems a little closed off and i feel like shes avoiding being friends on facebook to hide something.


Why is it so good but also weird? is it weird? am i just being a fag?

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Hahah you aren't just being a fag. That's funny tho. Dude I am in your same exact position. Only difference is we are long distance but I will be moving back to the area very soon. I find also that when I am physically with my girl she likes to act like we're back in a relationship I mean we hold hands in public, kiss, makeout, * * * * , tell each other I love you, and just everything you do in a relationship and then when we're not together its like she's distant and doesn't seem too interested. She does say she loves me still when we're not together but she still seems distant. My ass just stopped * * * * in acting interested back and that works like no other. Letting her know that I am kinda moving on seems to pull her in. I have done it before and had great results and then I'll * * * * it all up by getting way to comfortable with it and acting like we're back together. I am currently in the process of being distant and sorta uninterested but still being nice about everything and occasionally saying whats up and then cutting off the convo early, and i know she will start coming around but I am still gonna do the same thing. Then when i see her I am going to not even try to kiss her or anything along those lines like I usually try when i see her. So I think you should just try to act a little uninterested and give her the impression you are moving on slowly but surely, and then when she starts to wonder and ask questions just tell her nothing is different and everything is fine. Give that a shot and make her wonder for once. Take back control by doing that.

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thanks for the reply, its not so much shes unaffectionate, the thing that gets under my skin is the feeling she is maybe hiding something? perhaps shes just a little weary about totally trusting me again too quickly...i dont know. Shes been smoking alot more weed and she just doesnt understand anything when shes high. im worried perhaps she didnt something not at all innappropriate with another guy because she was single but personally its not something i can move past.


or i can totally be torturing myself

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You're probably torturing yourself bro thats what I tend to do but I try to tell myself the positive things like she still loves me so why would she be with anyone else but yea I would hate to feel like she has done something that you wouldn't like also, but don't look at it that way. Try not to let it bother you in fact never bring anything like that up to her ever. If you think she is playing you though and hiding something from you then don't deal with that crap. Did you cheat on her or something? It's hard to help you out not knowing everything.

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