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Attracted to my dental hygienist


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This may sound a little weird so please bear with me. I have been going to a new dentist for about a year now for some extensive dental work. Recently, I have found myself very attracted to one of his dental hygienists - who often assists him. When I say attracted I mean that I adore her personality. I like her looks (hair, eyes, body,clothes, etc.) I think of her constantly and can't get her face out of my head. I think about her a lot, she gives me butterflies, I catch myself smiling a lot around her, and she makes me feel happy. I want to stare into her deep, chocolate-brown eyes all day long. I want to slam her against a wall feeling her lithe body squirm against me. I'm a very outgoing, friendly guy but my shyness still gets in my way. This is more than just a passing attraction. I strongly desire to know more about her but how do you hit on someone who is wielding sharp objects in your mouth? I thought about asking the office staff about her but that sounds weird too. Thoughts?

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Oddly enough I was laying in the chair the other day getting a root canal while a gorgeous blond assistant was holding my lip back while the dentist drilled into my teeth. I can't imagine it was a good sight on her end and I was thinking how in the world would I ever ask someone like this out after she's seen me bleed from my gums and whatever. I couldn't come up with anything either, then again I probably wouldn't have thought too much about it if I wasn't sitting in a chair for 2 hours straight with nothing to do!


It also struck me that there would be no really good time to ask. If you ask before the appointment it could be slightly awkward afterwards to have her assisting the dentist in putting holes in your teeth...on the other hand when you get out of the chair you're usually not in a very good mood anyway!

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I have had your same arousing, fantasy experience you describe with dental hygienists and hair stylists I have had in the past. This is just one of the benefits of this service. When the visit is over, try not to take the arousal seriously. As the old saying goes: It is wise not to mix business with pleasure.


I wanted to add, that I only had this fantasy, if I knew the hygienist or hair stylist was single and didn't have a boyfriend.

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I have a thing for dental hygienists myself. There is something about them that I like. I'm a little strange but I find them to always be perfect. Personallity, smile, body, smarts, etc... My idea of a perfect world, is to be married with a hygienist.


In relation to your question, you have to shut your brain off and just go for it. Find the override switch and hit it. I am a mix of a social person but I have that shyness at first. I one time did this, I wanted to talk to this girl but listening to my brain getting worried about being told to go crawl in a hole and die. So what did I do? Just turned my brain off and went up and said hey "how are ya?" It worked great for me. Talked to the girl a few times in one day.


Remember though. Try talking to her more next time your there. To get to know her better and then you could slowly make your move.

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