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keeping plates in leg or getting it taken out

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A few months ago, I hurt myself badly and had a compound tib/fib. Had to have surgery on the leg and now have 2 plates and 17 screws I am healing very well and finally can walk pretty normal now. It still hurts a bit when I put pressure on the leg. I should be fully healed in another few months. The plates are pretty close to the skin, so I can feel them (and the screwheads too).


People have told me that, when I heal up, I should get the plates and screws removed. That would entail another surgery. As of now, I don't plan to get back into the sport that caused my injury (due to fear issues). The surgeon says I can keep the plates/screws in there forever.


For those of you who have had plates and screws in bones, did you leave them in after you healed up, or did you eventually have them removed?

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I am glad you are doing better Ren! My grandmother was hit by a drunk driver while she was crossing the street when she was 70 or so. She had plates and screws to put her arm back together. She was able to have them out within a year! I am sorry you were hurt that badly. I would take them out when ready if you want. If you are afraid and the surgeon said you can leave it, then I would leave it.

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I think most people have them removed because the plates can cause aches and pains especially with cold/damp weather.


I can understand the concern about another surgery given the fact its not actually necessary.


I think its personal choice - leave them in unless they start to cause problems down the road.

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