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College Relationships? True Love and True Stress! Please read


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So here I am...again. However, for once, this was a mutual break-up that we both understood. Of course, we were both hurt and deeply saddened.

Were very compatiable, and fell head over hills for eachother. We were together for almost a year, and were friends for two years before. He is a senior in college (pre-law) and I am a junior. I graduate only a semester after he does. He wanted me to go with him to Law school after graduation, however thats a whole different story. Obviously, were both focus and ambitious students. We tried to balance the whole college thing with a relationship which became so stressful, we had to let it go. The stress took over the relationship, although we were happy and argued less, the fact that academically we were unfulfilled and being involved in other things were hard. Instead, We barely gave eachother space because..well we were obsessed with eachother. Looking back, i KNOW the lack of space had a lot to do with it. We barely had time to do other things and it made our relationship stale. Earlier in the year, we broken up over trust issues (a problem of his) and other small things that happen from basically living together.


Those break-ups only lasted a couple of days, a week max. So this time were trying something different. An actual break up. However, we both felt that reconcilation in the future would be awesome. However, life is unpredictable. My ex is in the phase of his life where he is trying to become a better and happier man. He is only 20, and so am I. Were trying to figure out what exactly we want to do after college, make money, and establish something before trying a relationship again. I feel once we have matured in those aspects, we may have a good shot again. He even told me that because of his troubles with money, getting a car, (im the only one who has one), and graduating, he will feel more confident that he can treat me better and we could be happier in the future.

The funny thing is that everything that he has always told me was the truth. And this is no different. Im just afraid that with time our love will fade. He will be graduating next december, and most likely staying near the college until he gets accepted to a Law school. I know he wanted me to come with him and we agreed to get separate apartments in the area. I still would love that idea.


Currently, we have not contacted eachother since the breakup. (Its only been a week).

I know if its true love, it will come back on its own. And since he broke up with me (technically) then i want him to reach out. Besides picking up my mail from his home, we dont speak. I dont want it to fade completely and he realize that he is better off without me or the relationship. I hope that a year from now we can start over since he and i will be graduating. Also, we both will have changed and matured.

Im wondering when should i reach out? Summer school? His graduation? My birthday? Or just wait it out. He told me if i was still sticking around that would be great and he still see's us as a "team." But i guess sometimes teams work better indiviually and can bring better work at the end of the day. We both said, "Soulmates need time to grow, just because there soulmates, they still need time."


So what is this? Should i have hope or keep some kind of contact?

Please write back, im desperate for comments!



Thank you

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