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Confused where I stand -- Please help!


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Hello all,


I'm 22 and recently fell for this girl in class. Here's the timeline of our "relationship so far"

  • She added me to Facebook within week 1 of our 4-week course
  • We went out for drinks/dancing together with friends 2 weekends ago
  • We studied together at the library all week before our exam
  • She told me she'd text me last weekend to hang out if she was home early (from her trip) ... I received no message
  • I messaged her 2 days ago suggesting we hang out and what her week looked like... I received no reply

I haven't messaged her back but I find it weird she hasn't replied since she always does within a few hours. She has also showed interest in me from my perspective.

I don't want to seem clingy/needy but I do like her but don't want to push it...


Please help me, any input would be great!

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What kind of sign would that show her though? and yeah I check it once in a while...:S

She added me to FB... I don't know why though.


Also, she willingly met up with me at the bar a few weekends ago, we texted back and forth a lot, studied together... but now I don't know what to think.



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