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She doesnt trust me over something i didnt do


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A friend of mine was having computer issues and I told her I would repair it. While working on it I opened up her browser and unintentionally saw one of her search engine searches in the history bar. I didnt click on it or look up what she was doing but it had keywords about something she is going through physically which she already told me about.


Anyways a couple weeks later I texted asking her about her problem and mentioned I saw her search query and she automatically assumed I was going through her personal stuff on her computer and said I violated her privacy in the worst way. I tried explaining to her I didnt do what she thought I did but the damage was done and she is very cold to me.


I asked her yesterday if she was still upset and she said that night she was so upset she cried the rest of the night and that she is moving on from it and trying to not look back. I tried to explain again, that I would never break her trust, that I only saw the one thing on accident and that I only mentioned it cause she already told me about it and I wanted her to know I cared.


I am upset cause I feel like I am losing her over something I didnt do and no matter what I say she wont believe me.


Any advice on how I can fix this?

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Yeah, its what I need to do. I just cant understand why she is being like this, I didnt do anything wrong. I bent over backwards to help repair her computer and then wanted her to know I care... I am starting to think nice guys really do come in last. Maybe I should start treating her like she is treating me? Childish I know but I am so mad that something this stupid is even happening.

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