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Finding cheap (volunteer) opportunities outside of US

im rly mad

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I am currently a university student in the US and I have been looking around for ways to get out of the country and explore and gain some life experience- just something out of my shell. I don't really want to drop a lot of money on anything, I desperately want to travel around but is the only way to do that to drop $2,000 on a plane ticket out of here? Is there any sort of program I can participate in as a student that will help me travel around that isn't ridiculously expensive?

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Can you define "travel around" for us? Do you have a length of time in mind? A destination? Where in the US are you? Are you open to Canada/Mexico? Do you have a car? Do you specifically want to volunteer? Or is leisure travel ok too?


Volunteer tourism (where you go to Africa or something and build a well for a village, for example) is actually quite expensive and will run you much, much more than $2,000. The issue is that they have to insure you and train you. While it's a lovely idea, it's actually more expensive for them to do this and less helpful (in some ways) than simply donating money where they can hire a local who will STAY at the job (less re-training). And by donating money, you are helping their local economy.


So... are you looking to volunteer? Or are you looking to see the world?

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