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After 9 months this..........


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5 years together and were engaged.

She left me for stupid reasons and her depression was the major 9 months ago.

Tried to move the earth to get her back, it failed.

I have been not contacting her the last 4 months but she always initiated contact, saying I am the man of her life but its too late and she knows she cant find better than me or someone to love her like this.


The last month I had sms and calls which I ignored,I did not even contact her after she returned from holidays.


yesterday I decided to answer to her just to find out she was just wondering how I was.

I was short and firm.

She soon text and started asking how I am.


I said stop txt me as I see no point and dont want to be friends.

She said she sees a point and that she likes to know how I am.

I then said that I dont share the same view.


The whole thing changed around when she started saying:

You got a new girl right?

She is there with you.

What is her name?


I replied I dont have a new girl.


she went on to say she does not know why she feels this way.

I left it there.

Its the first time she shows so much interest in my personal life.



Any ideas?

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Well, if she is adament in her desire not to reconcile YOU have to cut her out of your life. Block all social media and do not respond to any more of her texts or messages. Thats in your power to do. Tell her that you have to do this in order to heal and that, if she cares for you, she should respect your descision.


What did she say that leads you to believe it's over for good with no hope of getting back together?

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I am not coming back to you, you have to let me go, you will see I am right later, she said.

She said we dont match sexually but then apologised

I showed up with flowers on her bd after the break up and she called me selfish but managed to see that she did not have my photos, she removed her ring.

She told my mother she is not coming back to me and she cancelled our engagement and ask me to go on with my life.

She was getting txts from other guys.....



Maybe I am wrong but it sounds to me its over....

But on the other hand I owe her money and asked her to give it , she does not take them , kept her engagement ring also.

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She is unpredictable, I give her that......


The bottom line is that if you break up with someone, you risk losing them from your life. To contact them repeatedly when you are getting signals that they don't want to talk to you is selfish. To be respectful of someone you've been in a relationship with, you break up and you let them do what they need to do to feel better. They respect that you want to break up, you respect their decision about what they need to to do to heal.


Tell her to knock it off. You're reading into every sign and signal and she just wants to keep you in her life. Start prioritizing your well being over hers.

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