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How to ask a guy if he's gay without coming off rude.. How to flirt?? etc

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Ok so yesterday I went into my local barbershop to get my usual haircut and right off the bat I caught the eye of a new barber that I've never seen before in there. As soon as I walked in, we locked eyes and we had this intense stare going on.He was already working on someone elses cut and all of the other barbers were busy so I sat down at one of the chairs to wait my turn. The whole time the barber was cutting the other guys hair, we just kept looking at each other and smiling. He was so handsome to me so maybe he was just staring because I was looking at him,I don't know. As soon as he finished cutting, he came up to ask me who was I waiting on and I told him that he could cut my hair. So right when I sat down we started talking and we just really seem to hit it off well. He asked me questions about my life and we just laughed and talked about a whole range of topics. I really felt like there was something there between us. Then again perhaps he was just being friendly. There was nothing to really give off the vibe he was gay. Though I did find it a little funny at one point he kinda asked me about women and if there's any girls I'm talking to. That would have been a good time to tell him that I was gay but I wasn't sure how he would react to the news so I just was quiet when he was asking the questions. I probably kind of told on myself anyway.


So afterwards, I paid him and I gave him a nice tip ( Just to be flirty LOLZ) and I went accross the street to a store to get some candy. Ironically I guess he was off on break because I ran into him at the store, we were in the same aisle and he was some distance from me. We didn't speak this time but we locked eyes again and we played the staring game again. This time, he kind of acknowledged the stare by slowly nodding his head once in the air.. I guess to say wassup but why would he do that if we were just talking? So I did the same and he kinda walked off after that. I'm like really slow when it comes to picking up signs and flirting and over analyzing everything. Was he flirting with me? Or maybe it's my imagination? I will see him again because he said he just started working there and he's there every day. So I'm wondering how should I work this angle the next time I see him. Should I ask him for his number and work my way up from there??

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The way he behaved towards you could be the way he behaves towards all his other customers, either because he's genuinely a friendly guy or he does so because he believes he'll get a bigger, better tip as a result. It's interesting how he paid so much attention to you when you were waiting your turn, but that could be because you were staring at him for a prolonged period of time.


My advice is the next time you are in there to get a haircut, make sure you request him, and, during the course of the conversation, work up the courage to compliment him on how he's a fun guy to chat with and ask him if he'd like to go out for a beer or coffee sometime. You can say how you're always on the look out to make great new friends to hang with and stuff, and see if he takes you up on the offer. Then, see how the subsequent outings go and you'll get a better idea of whether he's into you or not.


That's really the only way you're going to get a better feel for whether his actions stem from mere friendliness or if there's a reason he behaves the way he does when he sees you. I would say don't let self-doubt stop you from making, perhaps at the least, a new friend. You never know where something might lead, but it's always good to try and maintain perspective and not fantasize about a future with him just yet.

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