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  1. Anywhere from the $0 to $20 range.. anything higher seems rather silly purchasing, especially if it's not going to work for my face.
  2. Ok so we're knocking out St Ives & Neutragena... Anything else that maybe effective on helping my skin?
  3. Time to change products.. I've been using that for years.. The thing is I want a product that doesn't make my skin dry or very greasy as well. What's a good St Ives product for facial skin?
  4. What's a good moisturizer to use. I have sensitive skin and it seems like almost everything irritates my skin when I put lotion on my face..
  5. As a guy I really shouldn't worry about things like this. But my facial skin looks bad for someone my age. It looks really beaten and worn out, not to mention I have bags under my eyes which I've had since my early teens. It makes me feel really self conscious about my looks. In my teens, I developed horrible acne for years & that's when my face started to look bad. I suffer from dry skin and my face is discolored, filled with dents,scars and 3 different pigment tones. Now that I'm in my 20's the acne has died down but my face still looks like a train wreck.. However this doesn't stop me from attracting people however my confidence is extremely low. I think if my skin looked better, I'd feel a lot confident in myself. I can't afford going to a derm. I've tried lots of cream and various things but nothing seems to work. Do you think vigorous exercise can help my skin.
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