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your ...schizophrenia and your love one

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Facing time with one of my family member who has got mental ill for almost 10 years. I don’t know if it’s good or bad to writing it here. But then i am just doing. First time started when i was in university and we sent him to asylum he been took well-hospitalisation. He was on medication about 3 years then he quitted. One day i got a call and I knew something wasn’t right about him. So i called cousin to convinced him to go back with the medication again this time was all good for quite a few years and i forgot when was that. Now he stopped medication as the reason that he thought it’s a kind of drug to him and any other excuse. This time it ‘s just happening and I knew as always since i been with him from its started until now. I just cannot do anything about that and decided to let this go. I also have my own problem before i getting myself a mental ill one i have to stop. Let alone everything, I can’t help anyone but myself!

I don’t know what and how people have been through in their life and that’s mine. I can’t imagine anything bad could happen more than this.

This year what I scored?...

Dad got stomach cancer at the final stage i don’t know how much time he has left but don’t expect that long.

Broken –up with a wonderful relationship.(but still can’t go further eventho it’s wonderful)

One of family member has a serious mental illness...


Well...what and how much one person can stand for This kind of experience..well called it’s experience in the positive term and it’s tragedy of life in negative term...


how could one person can stand for these experiences that happening at the same time?

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Never ask the question Can things get any worse because YES they can. Everyone has struggles in life, though some lives are more difficult than others. But everyone has gone through difficulties that seem unending.


Your message is difficult to follow and I'm not sure what advice you seek, but these are two things that caught my eye in your post.

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Hmmm...interesting..i had a really bad day today and i was just about to post about my bad day and to ask the question: "Can it get any worst?"

Well after reading your post, apparently it can.

Im pretty sure that even for you things can get worst.

You know what, what i do when i have alot of bad things things happening to me, i have a technique:

I tell myself: "Ok, so it is really bad now, what do I do to make things better?"

So think about it this way, at the moment, the things are really bad, so you are at ground 0, from now own

you can only climb up, so you have to ask yourself: "How can I make things better?"

Take issues one by one, first of all focus on improving yourself, and only

then think about others, the key here is to pull yourself out of this hole!

Once you will start improving your life, you will feel much better and only then you can

think about others.

We are here if you need any help, wish you only the best, as your "bad day colleague"

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Thank you for replying my post, I know im not good at details ,writing or talking about things


It's not so bad for my situation even ohh yea..apparently it can get even worst beyond what I can imagine.


But then on the bright side of horrible tragedy ..there still love from family and especially his wife, she could just left him. But she doesn't ...I told her i would understand if you would left i don't want you carry out this suffer with us. She said she would have only one husband.




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