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My bf's best friend's gf is trying to cheat with him....


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So my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship (America-England).


His best friend just got a new girlfriend. This is his best friend's first real girlfriend, so despite the fact that she's a psycho b*tch he seems to be very attached to her.


Now, none of this was really of any concern to me until she started messaging my boyfriend over facebook chat. Not only did she repeatedly mention that she liked him, wanted to kiss him, and wanted to find out if he was good in bed, she also told him to keep everything she said a secret from her boyfriend because she "didn't want to lose him". Regardless of the fact that I completely fail to understand the logic behind trying to cheat on your boyfriend with his best friend, then trying to assert that you care about him, she clearly knew what she was doing was wrong.


My boyfriend told his best friend, who, for some reason unknown to me, decided to forgive her and continue on with the relationship. Honestly, that's none of my business - I really could not care less what becomes of their relationship.


My problem is this: his best friend is going to keep bringing the psycho b*tch to the bars/clubs they go to. This in itself really doesn't bother me, because the psycho b*tch only goes out with them on Saturday, and my boyfriend doesn't go out on Saturdays. It is however his birthday on an upcoming Saturday, and he's obviously going to be going out.... which means that she will be there.


Do you think that it would be out of line for my boyfriend to ask his best friend not to bring the psycho b*tch, or do you think that I should just suck it up and accept it?

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The only problem is that my boyfriend is scared his best friend is going to pick his girlfriend over him. Personally, I already told him that's a red flag as to a really sh*tty friendship, but I don't want to force him to do something he's not comfortable with... Especially since I would feel partially responsible for destroying their friendship if that really did happen (because I mean let's face it, you can't really come back from that).

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If your boyfriend has no feelings for this girl and is not interested, he shouldn't not do what he normally does to avoid them. All he can do is decline her advances and not go out of his way to invite them places. Every guy or gal goes through their friends meeting and falling in love with someone and breaking off into a couple. I would encourage him to call up other friends to hang out with instead of fixating on this one that he might not get to spend time enough with because he has a girl. I wouldn't encourage him to call her a psycho or speak negatively. His friend will figure out on his own whether he wants to be with her or not, and if your boyfriend doesn't get into it with him about it, when he breaks up with this young woman someday, they'll still be friends. making your friend pick between you and the friend's new girlfriend usually ends up ending friendships.

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