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Im not sure if this is in the correct section but here we go.


Ok so this is an extremely short version of what has been going on with me and this girl for the past 7 years.


2004 summer: I fly to my home town, and we are introduced through the phone by a friend, we exchanged numbers talked everyday for hours, I had surgery done and flew back home 2 weeks later.


2004 fall -2005 spring: We stay in touch phone,email, webcam everyday we develop feelings for each other, cant wait to meet when I fly to my home town.


2005 summer: I fly back to my home town we meet, her ex boyfriend gets in the mix she gets confused, she goes for the ex boyfriend since I'm gonna end up flying away at the end of summer, entire summer plan foyled.


2005 - 2008 She gets back in touch with me, we stay in touch on and off, we develop feelings then drop them, then regain them, then drop them again because of various reasons. We end up becoming really good friends.


2008 spring: I move back to my home town, she was in a long distance relationship, I decide to move on.


2008 Fall - 2011 spring: I was in a 2 year relationship, we break up, during these past 2 years we didnt communicate only about 3 times.


2011 July - August:

Each year regardless of how our friendship is going we always wish each other happy birthday, so when her birthday came around I decided to do the same, this time we decide to meet have some dinner and drinks and catch up.

Everything is going well, then one night I got drunk and texted her about how I felt about her all these years, she thinks I just want sex. We keep talking and I make my intentions very clear to her about why I got back in touch with her, since I've always had feeling for her, she says there is no chance it will ever happen we are just friends, I accept this and start looking at the perks of having a best female friend (expand my social circle, dating tips, she can introduce me to some of her friends, ect. but she refuses to introduce me to her friends).


Then we fall in this ritual where she is texting me 24/7, we talk about everything and anything, and she calls me every night before she goes to bed because she likes to talk to me until she falls asleep. We hang out go watch movies together and go to bars, then one night it was late and she decides to stay over and sleep in the same bed since she doesn't have a problem with friends sleeping together we end up sleeping and cuddling, everything remains the same, my feelings started coming back.


I tell her whats going on she feels bad but I never get a straight answer out of her opinion out of her she always replies with "i don't know what to say" and blushes and eventually changes the subject. One night she calls me she wants to meet for drinks, she ends up getting drunk and talking about how much she appreciates me because shes known me forever and we end up making out, knowing that she is drunk I try to take her home, she refuses she suggests we go to my place, we end up at my place knowing that when shes drunk she can't lie from past experiences I take my chance to ask her all those things that make her blush and never give me a straight answer, turns out she tells me she loves me a lot and that she would marry me but shes very stupid because she always chooses the wrong guys and is still hung up on this guy she slept with over a year ago, she starts getting frisky I try to deviate as much as I can, we end up having sex.


The day after she doesn't remember a thing except for the fact we had sex and tells me she doesn't want me to get confused, I tell her Im fine with it, everything resumes normal. Over the week she starts telling me how much she loves me and that she needs me, I feel great because things seem to be looking up between us, then on Saturday she decides to visit he best female friend and came back to town on Sunday. Sunday night we were having our normal chat when I tell her shes driving me crazy, she then tells me I should forget about her and I should stop talking to her, at this moment my heart literally stopped because of what she said, she promptly said her goodbyes and hung up.


So now I'm sitting here not only wondering what in the world happened but what in the world should I do for the last 24+ hours.


Do I go after her try to figure out what happened?, or do I just move on from this 7yr crush and the only person I can honestly say would do anything for and cut her out of my life again permanently?

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