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For those who need hope....it gets better!!

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Decided its been while since ive posted and i knwo some of you are in need of some proof it gets easier as time goes on




Lets see...im a little over 1.5 years after me and the ex split. wow how time flies. time changes people. time heals.


it was a rocky journey, still is at times.


but im alive, and im doing ok...ill continue to do ok. does it still hurt? at times yes. not nearly as much as it once did though. ive made peace with us no longer being together. i miss him, the old him. i miss what we were suppose to be and stand for. our time has been long gone.


if ure new in your breakup...hold on. dont make a fool of your pride and beg or plead for them to come back. right now, at this time...this wont make much sense. in time, the pieces will come together. trust me, it gets better.


if your wondering "do you guys still talk"....no we dont. i moved out of state 4 months ago and ever since then, weve drifted apart and left the past in the past. we struggled with the whole "do we be friends, do we talk, do we go NC" thing.


i cant say which route is best...different people require different approaches. my best advice with that is...


do whatever is going to help you heal as an individual!!! rule #1: dont try to bring them back if they walked away. let them see what life without you is liek so they can make the best judgement for themselves. dont bargain with them or promises changes in hopes they will ahev a change of heart. theres a reason people walk away, we may not like it. but we do need to respect it.


always remember...this pain wont hurt forever. you'll grow and learn from this. love is beautiful, so never regret that you did love them. love is not a promise it will be forever...love is to be cherished while you have it.


you'll have it again

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Yeah I'm going to have to agree with you. It's been 15 months since the BU and I'm feeling really good about my life right now. The first few months were extremely miserable for me, and I honestly didn't think I would've gotten through it but I did. Time does heal. TIME DOES HEAL lol and I'm being serious about that. I remember I heard that so many times when I was feeling like crap. Now I finally know what everyone is talking about. Now I can't see myself getting back with my ex anymore. I remember I used to pine for her every single day. It's crazy to realize now how bad of a situation I was in after the breakup lol. I was extremely vulnerable and had no confidence in myself. All I can say is that there are so many girls out there, so many!

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I left my ex about 3 months ago and I'm honestly doing okay. I think I heal fast. The first initial 2 weeks were absolute hell but I've been feeling okay for a while now.


I'm not talking to him and he's not talking to me but I think i'm getting to the point where if he calls me or something, I won't be too upset.

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