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I just cant approach women!


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so i am 21 years old now and i think my shyness is getting worse

i have no problem standing in a room full of 250 ppl and giving a presentation

or going out in public wearing a ridiculous piece of apparel

in general i am a very confident guy who honestly could not care what other ppeople thought about me

i always do things the way i want when i want and if ppl have a problem with that then so be it

except when it comes to girls...

i know it sounds silly but when i want to go talk to a girl that i have not yet been aquainted with, i just freeze up

i feel as if i missed out on a part of my middle school and high school like and never really learned how to meet girls haha

anyways ive read countless articles and such about getting over this but i just cant seem to do it

if any one can share some insights or some easy ways to approach someone i would really appreciate it


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Can you walk up to strangers in general and start a conversation? If you can, then you can work on changing your mindset. That hot girl you want to talk to is just another person - nothing more, nothing less. Is she the love of your life? Is she the future mother of your children? I'd guess no.


If you work on that mindset, it can be really helpful.

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i have no problem standing in a room full of 250 ppl and giving a presentation


Perhaps imagine these women you find attracted to the same way without putting them on this pedestal? Usually shy guys are all around shy but doesn't sound like you have no problem talking to people in general. You haven't missed out on anything, sure some dating maybe but you're only 21 Full life ahead!

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i think the thing is i can talk to strangers if situation arises that i am supposed to talk to them

i find it very weird to just go see a girl somewhere and then go talk to them for absolutely no reason other than i am interested

it feels like if i go up and talk to her, then that implies that i am interested in her which automatically puts them on a pedastal

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Well, then start practicing on random strangers that aren't attractive females. Doing this repeatedly for a month or two will shift your subconscious thoughts to realize this form of social interaction is really an okay thing to do. That will make it that much easier the next time a long legged beauty winks at you from accross the room.

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You can do what women do.... Use a completely common sense comment to start a conversation. For example, go up to her and ask her for the time.


This doesn't immediately demonstrate interest, but it opens the door far enough that she can either continue the conversation, or tell you the time and then end the conversation. You now have established whether or not she's interested without necessarily showing your hand.

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