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After a 1yr 1/2 nc and awkward moments

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... She finally broke the ice to ask me a favor. Im a musician and she is a singer... we both had the same gig about a month ago. I didnt kno. So she texted me out of the blue and asked for a ride to the 1st rehearsal out in jersey (we are from New York) I told her "ofcourse not," but ofcourse i was kidding and texted her back that its cool but that i would have to charge her, trying to keep it light and playful....Since then ice has been broken. The awkward moments are much less awkward cause now we can talk and jokearound but besides the couple of times we have particpated in the same gigs and rehearsals we have not really spoken much. I dont have a reason to contact her and she doesnt have a reason to contact me.


1 thing that is interesting...While i can NEVER put myself out there for her again and try to get her back, we still have a lot of chemistry. Our friends who see us interacting believe we can be together again since it seems we still have something for eachother. While she was my first true real LOVE it hurt so much that i cant bring myself to wanting to be with her. I could never trust her again so im fine with letting bigons be bigons.


Since her ive met a couple of Great girls both of whom are options and girls that have a lot of potential. The ex will continue to stay the ex and I will treat her like an Old friend that i once in a while come in contact with.


I guess if you learn anything from this update is that Time does heal wounds and that it is possible after a long while to be civil and possibly friends with the ex. Me and my ex knew too many of the same people to remain in awkwardness. Just Give It Time! Godbless.

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Another side affect is our friends are RELIEVED big time that we are able to communicate even joke around like nothing.


This process helped me mature and showed that no matter how hard something is you can get through it... Its still a lil weird at times... every time we see eachother its like we avoid each other a little till some one breaks the ice and says wassup but other than that its not a heart wrenching overwhelming feeling when i see her and she doesnt treat me like i have the black plague... We've moved on, and caught up and been on good terms. Including some texting here and there mostly from her but i let her be. Ive put my best foot forward in all this and i feel great and she no longer controls my emotions.


Just to clarify, it does help that the reason for our breaking up was because i became clingy and wanted a more serious relationship thatshe was not ready for... Other than that i was a great loving caring providing boyfriend...So i have nothing to be ashamed of when im around her. So its easy for us to be friendly since our relationship was loving and respectful.


NC does help a lot.

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