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How to get the girl, self help guide's


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I have over the years looked at a few of these written by men as well as women. All of them appear to be guide's to increase a persons confidence to approach the opposite sex... All well and good.


But almost all of them state that a women is looking for a guy with humour and personality and looks are not that important. This would lead a guy to concentrate on those and have the confidence to approach an attractive women, thinking he could display these qualities and get the girl!


However, in reality women are just like men and we are attracted to attractive people, (each with our own unique tastes). So if a generally unattractive guy tries for an attractive girl, she will like his humour and personality but not be attracted to him because she does not find him attractive. So will see him as a friend !


If someone finds someone attractive and likes their personality they will want to date them.

If someone does not find someone attractive but likes their personality they will see them as a friend.

If someone does not find someone attractive and does not like their personality they will be closed of to them.


So these self help guides are flawed as they miss out a major component of attracting the opposite sex. Physical attraction !


What's your thoughts on this guys ?

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I think bollocks. Because everyone is physically attractive to someone.


Now, everyone has two sides of himself, just like a coin. There's your messy part which attracts absolutely noone, and there's your awesome part which attracts a certain group of people - girls/guys. All these self-help/improvement guides aim for is turning your messy part into awesome one. They provide ways and show you what to do (for example going to gym), in order to gain/raise certain qualities (for example confidence), which in return should help you in specific situations (for example feeling at ease when approaching a girl). Area of improvement of oneself is vast, ranging from looks and little details like clean nails, through state of mind like positive thinking, to the world (the one you have created for yourself) you live in.


But realize that no matter how hard you try, you're never gonna attract everyone. Some will dislike you, some like you, some will love you, some will hate you. As I said, the thing here is to make yourself the best you can be. Become cool, calm and collected


And I guarantee you, that when you hit that tripple-C... you'll notice girls falling for you.

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