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will our relationship survive?

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This guy and i have been dating for 8 months and im 16 and he is 17.

Pretty much through the whole relationship we were perfect, we had a lot of good times and he even proposed to me so we are "engaged" i love him more then anything and i know he loves me more then anything also,, but he has a hard time showing it, but only because he had a rough time through out his life (dont ask its really bad) and it messed him up mentaly.

our relationship got to a point to where we were the closest to eachother in eachothers eyes,

and he told me about 3 months in that if he ever broke up with me i could kick him in the nuts...

well 6 months later i found out that he was moving out of the state and it really screwed me up,,,,

well i made him absolutly depressed becuz i was saying things like "why are u leaving me?" "why would you do this to me?" and he couldnt take it any more so a month later we broke up.. he told me he couldnt take it....i didnt take it very well and he didnt either,,but i didnt kick him cuz i was already making him depressed why hurt him more? and i wanted to talk to him really badley but he didnt want to talk to anybody,,,but a week later he kissed me and we were back together i asked him why he wanted me back and he said "you belong in my arms"

well me and him get in some fights here and there but we know deep down that we are ment for eachother...well about 3 weeks after that he went on a trip out of the town and walked 11 miles to nowhere to go camping so he had time to think and he came back almost changed all the way,,,but he still loves me very much...well he started wanting to do harder drugs and stop going to school (didnt really go to school anyway) and doing things that will to jail...

so he didnt think that would be good for me so he broke up with me a couple weeks after the trip. i toke it in a bad way and thought he has chosen drugs over me,, and i was really hurt and angery so i tried to kick him in the nutz but he dodged it and GOT HELLA PISSED he told me he didnt want to see me ever again...

a couple days later he went to my house to get some of his stuff and i was talking to him and said "u should come over and talk to me this summer" and he said "idk, maybe"

and i said yeah cuz i dont think i'll come over"

"if i was u i wouldnt" hesaid

i siad " why u say that?"

he said " cuz i told u not to"

i said while he was walking away...."im sorry about what happened, i was hurt and angry and i shouldnt have done that to u,,,i only did it cuz u told me i could"

his relpy "i dont know what to say" and walked away.

couple days later he sugested that his friend should ask me out and have fun...

and wen i found this out it hurt so bad...

OFCOURSE IM NOT GUNNA DATE HIS FRIEND!!! i dont date my ex's friends or my friend's exes. just who i am....

is he over me already,, or is he testing me to see if i would do that? or is he just trying to get me out of his hair so i wont bug him?

i dont want him to be mad at me anymore...does he have a right to be mad at me? can i get him back? how long should i wait till i should talk to him? NOW i think that he broke up with me so he could 'find himself...he's been lost all his life and he only has one more year to be a kid and goof off...he's always had to be an adult all his life...

ps we've only been broken up for 9 days.. im never gunna give up on him and i'll always be there for him

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like i said in the thingy...he has had a lot of problems and ima add that

he has never had a parent to help him point the way he needs to go...life is very sucky for him right now but he hasnt hit rock bottom yet...thats when he relizes that he doesnt have me....i just wanna know if he should be that pissed....he came up to me and yelled "dont ever talk to me, email me, text me, call me, and come over, just get me out of your head...cuz what u did was BULL * * * * !!!"...he scared the living * * * * outof me...and i dont think he'll ever forgive me....i know that no guy diserves to get hit in the balls but now i dont know how to alogize? and become his friend again?

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