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I decided I want to leave


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I have been an admin assistant at a job for four years. It is basically me and my coworker doing alot of tedious things. I have been trying to leave for awhile now.


My coworker recently told me she is pregnant. It was sort of the final push for me to leave b/c while it is great she is pregnant--it means she is going to be out more often and then eventually maternity leave. And then these tedious projects are going to fall on me. My boss will probably say ask this person or that person if you need help but people are going to want to do their own jobs; not worry about mine. There is a very tedious project we both do but she usually does the beginning portion b/c i am busy with other stuff. Now i will have to learn to do the whole thing myself (basically tons of copying and scanning for hundred and hundred of reports)It is basically the last straw for me--i decided I want to leave and allow myself to focus on getting something else and take human resources certification classes.


Since my coworker will probably be on leave in november...i was thinking of telling my boss around august that i would be leaving in september which will give them enough time to train while my coworker is still ok to do so.


What are the chances my coworker remains healthy til basically august/september? Do pregnant women ever get so sick that they get months off prior to their maternity leave? she left work the other morning basically just telling me she wasn't feeling well. I texted her asking what's wrong and she basically just said very sick and didnt explain what exactly. I believe her but I want to be able to leave without the anxiety worrying is it wrong to leave if she suddenly got sick and was out from now til october or something and then out again during her leave.. I have been here long enough and paid alot of money for college to be doing other things. It is not enough to have a job.....


But basically it is just her who know how to do this specific admin project for our department so she is definitely needed. If i left too, they would be sorta stuck if she wasnt around. But if i didn't learn the whole process, i wouldnt be able to do it either...


So basically does anyone know of pregnant women who were out of work for like 2-3 months and then out again a few months later for leave? Could she get that sick??

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Depends on the woman's attitude to work I guess and how tough the pregnancy is. I've known people to leave 2-3 months before their due date and then take a full 12 months of maternity leave.


If the role you're looking to be trained on is that tedious personally I would start looking for alternative work now and consider handing your notice in sooner rather than later. On the flipside, an increase in responsibility also leaves you room to negotiate an increase in your basic salary. If they value you then asking for a review of you salary shouldn't be an issue.


I guess it comes down to the following, just answer these questions yourself as truthfully as you can:


- Are you happy in your existing role?

- Is there any room for career progression?

- Is it really that tedious?

- Are you more about money or status?

- Do they value you as an important member of the organisation?


Your answers should have opened your eyes a little as to what you should do.

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- Are you happy in your existing role? no


- Is there any room for career progression? not really unless someone leave or i show 110% on this job which is too late for me to do--i don't want to stay another 2 years to try and prove myself and hope i get rewarded


- Is it really that tedious? yes, during out busy time, it is stuffing, copying, scanning, putting booklets together, boxing up things..i feel like i should be considered kinkos.


- Are you more about money or status? i would like a little more status but this place isn't really paying me alot either so it doesn't matter.


- Do they value you as an important member of the organisation? i think they like me but i definitely am not very important there and it's an admin bs job..plenty of people will apply for it. It shouldn't be hard fill.


I just want my coworker to be healthy enough where I am not leaving them in the wind. Bc i don't think they know how to take on that project either....


I was thinking of telling my boss privately in august I may be leaving in september and then 2 weeks later really confirm it so atleast she had the heads up and then i can tell my coworker and if she suddenly got sick mid august--my boss already knew my plans.

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I just want my coworker to be healthy enough where I am not leaving them in the wind. Bc i don't think they know how to take on that project either....


As nice a gesture as that is on your part, this effectively shouldn't be your concern.


Just summarise your answers: You don't like your job, no career path, no job satisfaction, pays poorly, low status, generic role thats easily filled.


First rule of anything - put yourself first! It's great that you're happy for your colleague, shes pregnant and about to start a family. From a business perspective this is your employers concern, not yours. You've looked a little ahead of where you are at present and you don't like what you see, you've been there 4 years already.


Put yourself first, don't put your life on hold if you already know what it is you want.

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Can't edit the above post, but just some advice from someone who has been in a similar position, making employers aware of your intentions several months down the line is rarely a good idea. If you can immediately go after what it is you want (HR Cert?) then speak with your manager, advise them of your concerns with current situation and that you have decided this isn't where you want to be anymore. I don't know your exact employment contract, most full time positions request 1 months written notice. If this is the case for you, when you speak with your manager advise them they will receive this notice by the end of the week.

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it's not really like that here..probably the standard is 2 but if you have been there awhile out of courtesy you would want to give more.


Another coworker of mine is actually leaving..and he said he actually spoke with our boss awhile go saying it could be a possibility of him moving away one day..and now it became true and he officially told her this week pretty much giving 3 weeks notice. So he was able to be honest before hand in just random conversation.


i guess i am just freaking out they won't give me a good reference b/c i am leaving while she is pregnant--it was just sort of the last push i needed to leave and start over b/c i wouldn't leave once she was on leave and then noone knows what to do..so rathr than be stuck there another year or two; i would just rather resign and try to start new. I know it is a very tough economy and i am hoping it is a good decision.


I never did anything like this before so i am hoping it actually works in my favor and moves me forward to a new and better beginning.

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I guess you know your bosses better than anyone so you would know best when it comes to advising them that you're leaving and handing your notice in. You should be ok with the reference I would imagine, would be quite juvenile of them to withhold a reference as you've decided to leave while your co-worker is pregnant.


Best of luck, hope things work out for you.

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