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Relationship - Make or Break - The Big Picture


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If you just broke-up with someone as dumper or being dumped… thinking on whether to give up that relationship and move on or fight back to get a great relationship … consider this before you waste your time and energy…


1- There must have been an input of unethical or incompatibility reasons at the making or during the course of the relationship… which broke a pre-existing state of equilibrium at certain level in the universe. Break-up whether caused by the dumpee or the dumper... is a manifestation that unethical or in compatibility reasons.


2- To make-up… either these unethical reasons have to be confessed and the incompatibility reasons adjusted so that relationship becomes better and balanced, or to suffer highly enough until that relationship reaches the breaking point so that pre-existing state of equilibrium is achieved… alternatively you could move on to form a totally new relationship which is balanced, compatible and free from unethical intentions…



The following is an extract from Spinoza philosophy which – in my opinion explains the equilibrium issue in connection with the kind of relationships in this forum…


I have marked the paragraphs proving my above two points in red




Once, long time ago, one person appeared to me out of the blue and told me.. 'watch-out, your genes are watching you'... I am still trying to figure out what he meant..


what do ya think?

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the text passage is bit overcomplicated if you ask me....


however regarding the "watch out, your genes are watching you" In relationship terms... maybe he was saying something to do with the innate attraction to someone, which tells you if you are a good genetical match?

So say if you got with someone for a different reason other than the innate attraction (i know i have in the past but thats a long story), then sooner or later your "genes" will cause you to break the relationship, they are watching you and your partner is not a good genetical match so inevitably a break up is just around the corner?


haha thats my theory anyway, who knows what they meant!

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