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Ladies and Gents: How to make self look less "babyish"?


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I was browsing the Plenty of Fish Rate Me Pics (both guys and gals) and noticed that the "babyfaces" of both sexes were rated lower than the more made up/"hard" looking folks. Personally, I find guys with babyfaces sexy, but it seems that others don't, by their ratings.


Compared to other women, it has dawned on me that I have a "babyface." I'm almost 30, but I look really, really young. Someone at my church thought I was in my teens...and this is not the first time someone has mistaken my age.


I've always liked looking "young"...but I am starting to see that I don't come off as "young and hot"...I come off as "young and babyish." It doesn't help that I wear overalls, even though I get compliments on them.


My "youngest" looking picture is a recent picture...and I got pretty low scores on it on Rate Me (a 4/10...even though most of the girls get pretty low scores...weird).


Anyway, I've tried make-up and such but don't like the way it looks. My ex fiance said I looked more sophisticated when I had short hair, trendy clothes, and make-up, but I think I look cuter when I'm natural.


How can I still look "cute" but older? I still want to look young, but not like "little girl" young. Make-up makes me look like a little girl trying to wear make-up which is ugly IMO. Guys usually tell me I am cute without make-up and I agree, but I still look kinda young...not sophisticated and sexy.


What do you do, ladies? Guys?


What do guys think about young looking faces? Are they a turn-off?

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Hard to say without a pic. I have always had a babyface.....Im in my 33's and still get carded sometimes LOL


I have no tips - again, its hard to say without knowing what you look like......


Maybe go with a short hair cut to go for the sophisticated look

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Hey! I used to have the same problem. When I was having surgery over x-mas and at my parents house our neighbors thought I was 14 years old. I was so embarassed by that. Another time a friend of a friend mixed me up with my 15 year old sister.


I figured out the reason(s) that I looked so young. I have really round eyes and I'm very thin, which contributes to a youthful look. I also never cut my hair. I have always worn it long, but that has made me look more like a teenager and not a young adult. My clothes were also an issue. I'm small, so I don't typically fit into anything in the adult sections of stores. I have to shop in the teens and even teenage boy departments sometimes.


In order to look a lot older I've done a couple of different things. Maybe they will work for you too.


-When wearing make-up try to make up ONLY your top lid. Don't use eyeliner or mascara on your bottom lid. A lot of people thought I was much younger when I did that. Also, use appropriate colors as eye make up. Nothing blue or green. Try a light shade and some black mascara.


-I also got a haircut that made my "plain hair" look older. Just some simple layers in the front and a trim.


-As far as clothes go, well, colors are probably not your friend. People think I am much older when I wear colors that are black, white, and gray. It sounds weird, but it works for me.


-Stick with simple but sophisticated jewelry. My personal preference is something in silver or gold. A watch or necklace works pretty well.


-Avoid flip flops and probably overalls.


-I hate wearing make-up, but putting a bit on everyday seems to really help age me. I'm not suggesting that you go crazy, but a light lipcolor with a bit of concealer and foundation really helps to hide a 'babyish' face.

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These are great tips!!!


It's true...when I wear colors, I look like a kid, but neutral colors do make me look older.


I'm scared to post a pic since I have so much baggage on here...lol...but I am a medium height, average build, and have wavy brown, long hair (don't know if any of that helps). I have a heart-shaped face (that's round at the chin) and, apparently, a small head because I have to wear a kid's size bike helmet. Recently, my teeth have started moving apart, so I have a small gap between my front two teeth...which actually makes me look even younger than ever...and a slight overbite that makes me look like a bunny. I have round cheeks and pale skin.


Ivory, I am definitely going to try your eye makeup tips! Whenever I wear any kind of eye makeup, I look like a clown--especially blue and green, like you say. I usually put on as little as possible, but I would like to wear some...to make myself look older.


All of these are great tips, really...stuff I never thought of. Thank you!

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I'm glad I could be of some help! You sound somewhat similar to me. I have medium brown hair that is long and very pale skin. Bright lipstick with minimal make up seems to also work well for me.


I have also noticed that people seem to think I'm older when I have on round sunglasses and oversized handbags. It sounds completely stupid, I know, but I get "excuse me miss" a lot wearing those.


I would also avoid hoodies and sweats. Those really make you look young!

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Sorry just realized you're a woman. ROFL.


Longer hair is a younger person thing, shorter hair is a older person thing. Generally speaking. Clothes you buy can make a huge difference in how you're perceived. Buy age appropriate clothing. Avoid glitter make-up, that's for teenagerish people.

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One thing that I do because I have pale skin too and somewhat of a baby face - I always wear eye liner (on top). For me, I have found that is the key more than any other piece of makeup. There is a way that you can draw the line that goes a little outside the eye (hard to describe here) that really helps the face shape. Also, using bronzer I think can help as well to create better cheekbones that play down the roundness. A lot of the makeup out now is really good and natural - maybe try some of the bareminerals or a mineral makeup if you are considering that.


For clothes - I think it is about emphasizing what you have, and dressing your age honestly. I try to dress like a classy woman and think about the type of men I would like to attract, as well as the type of impression I am giving off. Don't dress like a kid or a teenager, but like a sophisticated woman instead, and I think that will go a long ways. You can still give off a "natural, carefree" vibe, but just do it with adult pieces such as a flowy hippie shirt with nice linen pants (just an example). Sometimes, when I wear my more "teenage" gear, I attract completely different vibes than when I do not, so I really do think it plays a role in the type of attention we attract.

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It's ok, Jetta. I figured you weren't expecting me to grow a goatee until I'm at least of menopause age...LOL...


The glasses are a great idea, Ivory! I just tried on some round sunglasses today, incidentally, and it made a difference. Big handbags? I will have to try. I love my hoodies and sweats...so hard to give those up, but I agree, they do look kiddish.


As far as hippy skirts.....I really like them...some guys aren't too keen on them, but that's ok...Eyeliner on top and out, I will try tomorrow for church and see how that works. Thanks amandamarie : )

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Shops like Sephora give you free makeup advice and demonstrate how to apply it, which colours work for your skin/ face etc.


About clothes: it's a decision you have to make: either wear what you are comfortable with, or mix it up from time to time what you are trying to portray/ attract. First impressions can go a long way

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I have to admit that I feel weird when wearing make-up....people seem to stare more...not sure if it's because I look young and it looks strange on me or because they think I look nice. So, I don't wear make-up that often. I'm missing some eyelashes too... so I feel weird wearing eye make-up...I get really worried when people look at my eyes (or I think they are looking at my eyes.) Also, whenever I do wear make-up and my family is around, they make a big deal out of it...so then, I feel self-conscious and awkward as well.

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