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  1. I've been seeing a guy for some time. We've both told each other that we really like each other, and we've talked a lot about a future together. However, my guy suffers from crippling anxiety. He told me he didn't used to have it, and thinks he's gotten better over time. I wonder if he's really just adapting to it. I think it's worse than he believes. He can't go to certain places or do certain things, for fear of having an anxiety attack. At times, he says he "can't handle" people and shuts down. He has a "comfort zone" of about 60 miles in radius, which he can't leave. He can go to the grocery or work, but I think he has to stick to a slight routine. It's frustrating that his doctor just prescribes him pills. I don't think his doctor ever suggests he sees a therapist or support group. I've tried to gently suggest therapy, but he has no interest in going. In the end, I drop it and don't push it. The problem is I don't feel like I can always talk to him. I try to be understanding about his anxiety, but how much is too much? I start to wonder if he's actually just taking me for granted...or maybe even playing games. I don't know what to think at this point. Whenever I try to state what I need out of this relationship or we begin to disagree on something, I think it starts to trigger an anxiety attack in him. He will either verbally lash out and abruptly end things, only to come back a few days later...or he will just shut down and push me away for some time. I try to give him space and wait until he reaches out. When we end up talking again, he usually brings up what happened and wants to talk about it. Yet, he never fully apologizes unless I directly tell him how much he hurt me. He also reassures me that he doesn't want me to feel like I can't speak freely; he wants me to tell him whenever something is bothering me. It's very annoying when I hear him say that. I don't know what to do, because whenever I do try to state what's bothering me, he gets triggered all over again. I know it's not healthy, and it's really hurtful. I realize I can't and shouldn't continue a relationship with him, unless he's willing to go to therapy. It's starting to affect my self-esteem and mental health a lot. But I don't know how to say this, without him getting defensive. I want to be understanding and supportive. I want to give him space when he needs it. I just can't keep going on with the way things are. It's tearing me apart. If anything, I'd like to be a friend to him. My friends aren't helpful in advice. One says I should just let it go and give him space when he needs it, because it's probably very hard for him. The other says I should dump him. Right now, my guy and I aren't speaking again. I've written down a few things that I want to say to him, but I'm not sure which is the right step to take. 1. Should I just give him space and wait for him to reach out again? 2. Do I contact him and ask if we can talk? 3. Do I send a text saying that I can't do this anymore and can only be friends? I would really like to remain friends, if that's all we can do. I enjoy talking to him and spending time with him. We have a lot of fun together. I don't want to have to say goodbye. :( I hope I can hear some replies from people who have had or do suffer from a similar form of anxiety. Even if you don't, I'd like to hear your perspective. Thank you.
  2. I was surprised he called yesterday. I missed it, though. I called him back later, but he didn't pick up. He hasn't called today.
  3. I think I need to clear something up. No where did I say his dad was in the hospital in critical care or for a serious illness. You are assuming. I didn't want to give too many details for fear he might read this thread. I probably should have clarified. His dad got injured, nothing life threatening...yet, still important for him to be there. His family is really close. His dad has some other problems too...but my guy worries because his dad is getting older. I forgot to mention that my guy has GAD. From what I've heard, his dad is actually back at home now. I was just trying to do the right thing and give him time and space for that, because it's obviously more important. I did say that he's been stressed and busy with work, as well. And I did mention that his interest has been waning since before his dad was in the hospital. I just thought his text was a bit strange. I wasn't sure how to reply. I kind of felt like a secretary. And...I've been questioning his interest lately. I'll keep with the message I sent and see where this goes. I'll try to keep you updated.
  4. Thanks for the help, everyone! I sent a message per @Cherylyn's and @LootieTootie's suggestion. And I agree with you @SarahLancaster. @Rose Mosse Yeah, I have a few other examples that I could give. They probably don't really matter, right now. Usually, I try to give a little more than inconsequential texts. I just wasn't sure what to write. Like I said, I don't want to bother him too much. I understand his dad is top priority, right now. @Hollyj Yes, we've met.
  5. Not sure what to think anymore. Am I overthinking? Is he stringing me along? I've been dating a guy for a little over a month now. We have a few mutual friends. He seemed really interested in the beginning - texting a lot and eventually calling often. He's still been texting, but he hasn't called me since last week. Yet, I know he's had a lot going on lately - his dad's in the hospital and he's been stressed and busy with work. I haven't called because I didn't want to bother him. I've tried to be understanding and give space...but I can't help that nagging feeling. Lately, I feel like his interest has been fading. Even before his dad was in the hospital, I felt like his interest was confusing. Sometimes, he'll text frequently. Other times, he'll take hours to respond or never respond until I text again. Yesterday, I ended up texting him, "Hi" to which he immediately replied with a "Hi." However, he didn't say anything else. Roughly an hour later, I texted, "What did you do today?" and he never responded. I was puzzled again. (I realize it probably would have been better that I had called, but I already sent the text. So, I decided not to call. I don't want to come across as needy or clingy.) Per advice online, I decided to give him 48 hours to respond. If I didn't hear anything, I would know he wasn't interested anymore. Well, he replied this morning. "Just working and trying to keep my thoughts on that. If friends ask where I've been, just tell them I'll be back soon." Okay... Do I reply? I don't know what to reply. (And he's capable of telling them himself. :/ ) Should I just take it for face value and continue giving him space? Should I call him? I miss talking to him. :(
  6. Hey OP! Reading your situation and the responses you've been given, I have to agree. He doesn't deserve your generous heart, time, or energy. It sounds like he doesn't appreciate you or value what he has. This resonates with my situation. It's given me a lot to think about. Good luck, OP! Stay strong and know you deserve only the best!
  7. @Tammy72 Probably what I should do. @JamesDe I've been thinking a lot. Probably too much. I feel like I'm in my head all of the time. I was happy when he reached out and we talked again. However, it's like he doesn't acknowledge what he did. He hasn't apologized. That's what really hurts. Maybe if he did, I'd be willing to take a step forward. I don't know if I should say anything about it. I apologized for my side. He did make an apologetic gesture towards me, but it was a passive apology. I'd like to hear the actual words. Is that petty? Adults should be able to say, "I'm sorry" in my opinion. I asked him why he kept reaching out. He said he was worried about me. Then said, "I don't know." He went on to say that he doesn't want anything from me, but he would like to casually talk again..."serious doesn't seem to work well between us." My friend said it sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. I wonder if he just wants me to be a back up option or an ego booster. We haven't talked about what happened, because I have no idea how he'll respond. I think he will just shut down and get defensive. I'm getting to the point where I want to bring it up -- screw the consequences. Besides that, we've just been talking like standard friends. No significant conversations. Mostly, small talk. It usually doesn't last more than an hour. I feel like he keeps doing this in/out thing. One day, he'll talk to me for a bit. The next, he barely says anything to me. I can't figure it out. He also made a confusing comment. We were talking about Survivor. He randomly threw out, "I'd save you." I feel like we're stuck in the middle, not going in any direction...just standing still. Does he want to reconcile or not? Is this a reconciliation? What is this really?
  8. What happened was he reached out. He didn't give any sort of apology during the conversation, and he pretended like the fight never happened. We hadn't spoken to each other in over a month. At the time of our break up, I was having a problem with someone at work. That's what he asked me about. He asked me how it was going. I just gave simple, straight forward replies. I ended up asking him why he reached out, since he had made it clear he didn't want to talk to me. He said, "I was just worried about how your job is going." :-/ I replied, "Okay. Well, you don't need to worry. It's all good." He said, "I just wanted to check that you're okay." I said, "I'm doing fine. Thanks." Then, he said, "I'll leave you alone." I replied, ":-/ I never said, 'Leave me alone.' If you want to talk, we can talk." And then, he went silent. I hadn't blocked him on social, so he can follow me around and like my posts. I feel really bad about blocking people. @Rose Mosse It was definitely a break up. He had told me, "F-ing leave me alone. Don't talk to me again." He said a lot of other mean things, but I'll omit them. That's why I was confused when he reached out asking me about my life.
  9. I hope you're doing well. I don't wish you any ill will. Whatever is going on with you, I hope you figure it out. I truly wish the best for you. I miss talking to you, but I'm not letting it get to me anymore. It's too bad you acted immaturely. We could've talked things out...like adults do! ( ¬_¬) What you did was harsh and mean. You really hurt me. (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ﹏˂̣̣̥)੭ु I guess time really does mend things. (I knew that, but.....) I've been working really hard to move on. Every once in a while, I think about things. I miss the times we hung out. I miss seeing you...hearing your voice. Certain things make me think of you. While it makes me sad, I try to look back fondly. I still wonder if I was a rebound. You said I wasn't, but it's hard to believe that. I feel like I was a rebound or temporary replacement. You seem to have a lot of things you need to work through. I know I have my own things to deal with, as well. Let's work hard for the future. As for me, I had an awesome birthday!!!!! It was so much fun!!!! I got to hang out with someone new too! ( ̄︶ ̄) I'm really doing great. ( ̄ー ̄)
  10. I got a lot of helpful advice on here and from friends. Thanks everyone! I think he's just playing games. Probably looking for an ego boost. o(> I sort of gave him an ultimatum. I don't like mind games. I'm not going to play them. It's in his court now. He has to decide what he wants. Meanwhile, I'm not going to worry about it or wait around for it. I've been back in no contact, doing my own thing, and having fun! Been doing great!! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚ I hung out with someone, yesterday. And I had a lot of fun! It is annoying that he keeps following me around on social, but whatever. └(・-・)┘
  11. I do want to talk to him again, but I don't know what to make of what he said. I don't want to post the conversation, in case he happens to lurk on here.
  12. I don't know what to do in my situation. I've been in no contact with my ex. He's been texting me lately. I tried to resist replying, but ended up talking to him. I don't know what to make from what he said. Can someone please pm me? I'd like to get advice on our conversation.
  13. @MissCanuck: I haven't sent any photos showing intimate areas of my body. Only photos like me in a swimsuit, tight dress, short skirt.
  14. @MissCanuck: You're right. I think it's a good idea to nix the cyber sex. I guess I am afraid to show my face, since I don't know him in person. It's not like I met him through a dating app. Online, you can be anyone you want, so I don't have a lot of trust. Really...this post was more for me than anything. I guess I needed confirmation that he is getting his rocks off and nothing more. It's been fun, but I'll roll it back and see where it goes. @DancingFool: Yeah, that's kind of how I felt about it...like a sex line without the dirty talk. @Batya33: I know he is a man. I've seen his face in video chat.
  15. I can get long winded, so I'm going to try my best to keep this short. Plus, I don't want to give away too many details, in the off chance that he reads this post. (I did put a TL;DR at the bottom.) I met a guy via an online game, and I'm not sure what to think of our relationship. We haven't met in person, but I've seen his photos and Facebook profile; and we've done voice chat a few times. I'm going to call him Guy. Guy and I first started talking because we are both in the same guild. The guild has a Discord channel, so we mainly chat in there. (I've known Guy a little over a year.) Initially, I bantered with Guy...but we ended up creating an ongoing joke between us which led to chatting more often. I never considered it to be more than casual talk. Side note: I never spoke on a mic in Discord. I would just text chat. He would joke all the time that I needed to get a mic. (Sometimes, I wondered if he was slightly obsessed about it?) Fast forward, Guy ended up private messaging me that he enjoyed talking to me and wanted to chat more than casually. Somewhere in the conversation, Guy confessed that he was lonely and hadn't been in a relationship for several years. It began to feel as if he were looking for a girlfriend. I wondered if Guy was only taking interest in me out of convenience (being one of 4 known girls in the guild) and desperation, so I asked about both. Guy said no; he said he didn't love me or anything. I explained and made it clear that I wasn't looking for a relationship since I couldn't handle one at the moment. Guy said he was slightly disappointed; but honestly, he just wanted to get to know me better. We agreed to be friends. Since then, Guy and I have been talking as friends for over a month. We've really spoken a lot within the last 2.5 weeks. Since we became friends, Guy has told me a lot about himself and past relationships. He's even sent photos and shared his Facebook profile. I told him I didn't feel comfortable adding him or sharing photos of my face and explained my reasons. He was fine with that, but hoped I might show my face in the future. He did seem to push about voice chatting though, and I gave in. I finally started voice chatting with Guy a week ago. Not only that, we have flirted and teased with each other. Guy sent me some sexy photos, I sent him some sexy photos (no face), and then he sent me some nudes and UDPs...he's even done a few video chat "shows." I haven't done any "shows" or sent nudes. I prefer not to do that. (I've told him this, and he said it was fine.) My problem: I'm really confused about what this is anymore. Is it still simply friends? Sometimes, I'm not 100% sure that he's really interested in me as a person; I tend to carry the conversation often. I've spoken about it a few times with him, and Guy has told me I need to trust and have more faith in him and that he is interested. What's more, I feel like he enjoys sending nudes lately. More confusing...Guy will send me messages that he misses me. He's asked if I've fallen for him yet. He will often joke about me coming to live with him (since I have a not-so-great living situation right now). We've even gone into the details. And he once joked about marriage...at least, I took it as a joke. I can't figure out if Guy is forming a fantasy, getting serious, or using me to get off. A few days ago, I tried to get clarification about our relationship. I asked if we were still just friends, online friends with benefits, or e-dating. He put a laugh face and said we are "strangers that cum together"; since he hasn't seen my face, video chatted with me, nor spoken to me much via voice chat. I said I'd rather "online friends with benefits" since it sounded nicer...but later, said I changed my mind and preferred e-dating. He never replied about it. Today was odd, since it was more like a getting-to-know you/first date type of vibe. Odd, but nice. Guy said he missed me, made more of an effort to carry the conversation, and didn't mention anything sexual or send any nudes (they were starting to seem like an everyday occurrence.) TL;DR: Guy that I've known from game wanted to get to know me more. He was bummed I wasn't ready for a relationship, but said we could be friends. Has it changed into something more? I am interested, but not ready to do anything about it. He sends mixed messages. With text, he doesn't talk a lot unless I initiate; with voice chat, he talks more; he sends nudes and likes to cum for me (is he just using me?); jokes often about me moving in with him; sends me cute emoji and messages that he misses me. What's his game? Should I dial it down?
  16. He doesn't actually know where I live because I wasn't dropped or picked up at my home. However, it does bother me a bit that he knows my full name. It's unavoidable because I had to give my name for the reservation. I'm hoping he doesn't have any way of knowing my address. If he got fired, he could always end up working for one of the other companies. I guess I'll just have to deal with it if the situation ever arises. There are other companies, but they are significantly more expensive. Just to be clear, this was with an official taxi company. I don't do Uber or Lift; too unsafe.
  17. I agree. You don't want to get mixed up with that. Maybe, she's lonely and dumping her story...but either way, she's a mess. Also, I agree with LHGirl. You should call Child Protective Services. She's getting child support money but neglecting her children.
  18. @glitterfingers: Thanks. I'm sorry to hear that you were raped and assaulted. I hope you know that, even though you say you had no sense of danger, it wasn't your fault. None of it was your fault. Having a strong sense or no sense of danger had nothing to do with it; you were just targeted by scum. My really good friend in college was date raped by a friend, and it really messed her up. (Most likely, his friends and mutual friends -- guys and girls -- played a part in it. One of them drugged her drink.) It didn't help that my school dealt with it in a terrible manner -- they told her she could decide if she wanted him expelled, suspended, or not at all and pointed out that he would be graduating soon and be gone. Not to mention, they didn't do anything to keep him away from her. He kept pursuing her, along with his friends, and they continually harassed her that she was just being overly sensitive because it was her first time having sex. He's a piece of you-know-what, and I hope karma bites his bum real hard.
  19. @Jibralta and SweetGirl28: Thanks. I guess I just needed confirmation. I have a guilt-complex (thanks to my parents) so I will overthink things. I was still freaked out when I left, so I went into the nearby store and told the associate I had an uncomfortable situation occur in my shared taxi. I didn't tell the details, though. She was really nice and told me I could stay as long as I needed; she watched outside for me to see when he left. @MissCanuck: Yeah, I knew I should've bailed sooner. I just didn't know how. :( I didn't have any friends nearby that I could call. I would have gotten out of the shuttle sooner, had I realized the door was unlocked. I thought it was locked. I did end up saying something to the taxi company. I needed to take a shared taxi again on Sunday; he had said he was off on Sunday. So...just to be safe, I decided to check if he was working. I didn't want to be alone with him again. I'm glad I called and asked. He was working...and he would've been the person picking me up. I asked if they could send someone else. She said, "Of course" but wanted to know if I had a complaint to make. I said I wasn't sure...I'd feel awful if I got him fired; she said she wanted to know if there was a problem and that he wouldn't be fired. (Probably a lie.) "Did he do something?" "No...he was polite for the most part. But..." Because it was embarrassing, I kept hesitating and finally just said, "well...he...wanted to...make-out..." "Ooooh." She didn't ask me for any further details. She just said, "I'm putting a note next to your reservation that says not to send --. He absolutely will not be picking you up." I gave my thanks and as I was hanging up the phone, I heard her yell really angrily (to the others in the office?), "Absolutely do not, DO NOT send out -- ..." My only worry is that I will have to use the taxi service again at some point; will I need to remember each time to tell the company, "Don't send --"? I'm planning on getting a few self-defense tools - pepper gel spray, sos alarm keychain, and maybe a kubotan.
  20. I agree. I think you should just ask him out for coffee or something...as long as it won't make your work environment awkward if he rejects you. Oh...and you had better check that there is no policy against dating a co-worker. Make sure you're upfront about having kids, too. Even if I was him and not interested in dating someone with a child, I would still appreciate the honesty and respect you for it. Good luck! I hope things work out for you! :)
  21. It's been a while since I've been on here. I apologize for my lengthy post. I want to know if I handled this situation well or if I should've done something differently or if there was a misunderstanding. I met a guy, last week; and I keep thinking about what happened. I took a shared taxi (shared shuttle) last Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, it was just me and another person going to the same location. On the way, the driver and I talked...friendly small-talk type conversation. Once we arrived, he decided to continue to chat with me outside of the taxi for about an hour. I thought he was pretty nice and all and had nice hair, but didn't think about it further than that. Somewhere in the conversation, I mentioned that I would be doing this same trip on Friday. He said he would be working on Friday, so I might see him again. I replied, "That's cool. Maybe, I'll see you tomorrow." Then, he said he'd better get going because the company can see where the vehicles are via GPS. He seemed a little hesitant to leave, and I had a feeling that he was debating on giving me his phone number. Ultimately, we said goodbye. On Friday after booking my shared ride, I was surprised that I wasn't asked for a payment method. The company told me it was covered. I thought maybe they were just using the same credit card I had given on Thursday. I didn't worry too much about it because I'd just check my card later...and if it was the person's error, I just got my ride for free! It didn't occur to me, until I was waiting for the shared taxi, that D (the taxi driver from Thursday) might have paid for my ride. Several people were waiting for the taxi when it pulled up. Sure enough, D was the driver. I was going to sit in the back with everyone; but he directed me to sit in the passenger's seat since I was the only person in my party, there were a lot of passengers, and we were still waiting for a few more people to arrive. It seemed slightly strange to me, but I didn't consider it to be that weird. After all, a woman passenger had done the same thing in another shared taxi I had been in. Once we started to drive, D said he was going to drop the other passengers first; then, drop me at my location since I was the only one going to a different location. I was a bit surprised. A red flag went off in my head: I would be alone in the shuttle with him, it was night-time, and I was sitting very close to him. It made me feel somewhat nervous, and I began to worry. However, I remembered his GPS comment and decided not to overthink it but find something in my purse for defense (in case I needed it) while he was outside letting out the other passengers. Unfortunately, all I could think of was my pen. If necessary, I could stab with it. I got it out, turned it on, and laid it next to my right leg with my hand on it, hidden. D got back in, I smiled, and we continued on our way. He began to chat with me, and we had a pretty normal conversation; I began to relax a little. Once he pulled into my location, I thought, "Phew. Okay girl, you're okay." Since we were in the middle of a conversation, we continued to talk for a few more minutes. D asked me if I had any special plans for the rest of the night. I said I was really tired and my roommate was waiting for me, so I was going to chill out and go to bed. D said initially, he was done and free after my drop but now, had to do one last minute run. He also mentioned he was off on Saturday and Sunday. It occurred to me that he might've taken time off with the hopes of hanging out with me. [side note: During the ride, he had gotten a call to take on an airport taxi request and told his sudden request to be off for the weekend had been approved; everyone heard it because it was on speaker and he couldn't turn it off. He made a comment like, "Geez, thanks for revealing everything."] Next, he asked about St. Patrick's Day (Saturday.) I touched upon the fact that I don't really drink, and I began to realize where this was going. I was ready for him to offer his phone number to hang out sometime and kindly accept it. I thought he might be fun to hang out with and get to know better. Suddenly, it dawned on me that we were in a parking space instead of the drop-off lane...so I got a little anxious again. (It was still nearby, though.) Then, the conversation changed... "Do you want to hook up?" I turned into a deer in headlights. "With me?" "Like dating? Oh, I'm not really looking for a relationship right now--" "Oh. I'm not looking for a relationship either--" "So, you mean...like hang--?" "No. Haven't you ever hooked up with someone?" "I don't understand...what do you--" "You never hooked up with someone in college?" "Sorry, I don't understand...what do you mean by "hooked up"?" [FYI, "hook up" means "hang out" where I am from.] "Um...Fool around..." "Oooh......No. I'm not that type of girl." [i'm slightly offended now.] "You never hooked up while you were in college?" "No." "Really." "Nope." "Never?" "Never." "You sure you don't want to hook up with me?" "That's okay." "We could go somewhere later...or we could stay here. You don't have to stay long. You sure you don't want to?" And that's when I began to tune him out just a bit due to annoyance and I continued to say, "That's okay. I'm not that type of girl." Then, D said, "We could just stay here for 45 minutes...or even 15 minutes if you want." And I just repeated what I had said before. I started to say that I'd better get going, but he said, "Ah, now I feel like I've made things awkward." "It's okay." Silence. "Wow...Being rejected...is tough." "Sorry." Silence. "(He might've said I like you here, but I don't remember.) I really think you're attractive." "Thanks." Silence. "I'd better go--" "Can I kiss you?" Deer in max headlights...and tunnel vision began. "That's okay." "Really? I'd like to kiss you." "That's okay." "Just one kiss?" "That's okay." Silence. "You're really attractive, you know. I really can't give you one kiss?" "Let's just part as friends and shake hands." We shake hands. I get ready to leave. (I never fully turned away from him just to be safe.) "Can I give you a kiss on the cheek, at least?" "That's okay." "Not even on the cheek?" "Let's just part as friends." We shake hands again...he holds my hand for a few seconds and lets go. "Can I give you my number...in case you want to get together later?" "Uh--" "Or for when you're back in the area?" "Sure." (At this point, I just want to leave.) I said, "I don't have any paper." "Oh, I..." D looks for paper and says, "Do you have a pen?" I almost reach for my pen next to me and realize he had a pen, so why is he asking me? Is he trying to find out what I'm holding next to my leg or can he just not find his own? I'm probably getting paranoid. So I say, "No." I find a piece of paper with too much writing on it, but he decides to write on the paper anyway. "Can't I kiss you on the cheek?" [Geez.] "Fine." I lean slightly over and let him kiss my cheek. I realize the door is unlocked. (Had it been the whole time??) "I'm going now." "You sure you don't want to stay longer?" "My roommate is probably wondering where I am. She was waiting for me." "Oh. Well...(and I don't really know what he said here because I was ready to leave..)" "Bye." "Bye." He seemed polite through it all, I guess...and taking it relatively well... If he'd wanted to take advantage of me, I'm guessing he could have. I do think he picked up that I was holding onto something next to my leg and that's why he asked if I had a pen to use. I don't really understand what he found attractive about me. I had no make-up on, I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and I probably stunk like sweat due to all the walking I had done earlier. I don't understand why he kept pressing to kiss me, either. What I worry about is that I misunderstood and could've said, "let's just chat and get to know each other better." I interpreted the conversation as him wanting a one-night stand. And...I sort of freaked out and went into flight mode because I realized I was alone with him in a dark shuttle in a dark parking lot in the front seat next to him. It made me think of my poor friend that had been date raped, so I began to get scared. He even said some lines (while obviously not intentional) that were similar lines to what my friend's rapist had said...so that just made me even more anxious. But maybe, I was being a little silly... 1. So...do you think I was overreacting, or was I right to get anxious due to the circumstance (defenseless female alone with male stranger in a dark vehicle in a dark parking lot, late at night)? 2. Does it sound like he was just looking for sex? Could I have been misunderstanding since I didn't have him clearly explain what he meant? I suppose the "stay for 45 min or 15 min longer" could have meant "stay and chat for a bit longer." I just assumed he was meaning fool around. What do you think? 3. Do you think it's a good idea for me to text him? I thought I would say something like, "I'm not sure if I was misunderstanding you. I got the impression that you were just wanting sex from me. I thought you seemed nice and would like to get to know you better; so if you want to get to know me, then send me a text. However if you're just looking for an f*ck buddy, you should look elsewhere." I don't have tons of experience with dating, so I appreciate advice.
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