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What do I do w/ his gifts?

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I feel so sick and am extremely upset that I just got back from the most wonderful vacation on the other side of the world, thought of bf the whole time, brought him back some very special hand picked gifts... And he treated me like garbage when we reunited.

After the whole "screw you" over me not telling him the time right away, he walked out on me and those super nice gifts just left in my apartment.

I swear I have never been so perplexed by a person's behavior in my whole life. Yeah I know he's a jerk.

I've got these gifts sitting here now that remind me of my amazing trip all clusterf*%$# with his psychotic behavior. What should I do with these items?


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Just because you're not together it does not mean you should get rid of the things he got you. You had a relationship. that person was a part of you, why pretend they weren't?


S/he bought the gifts for him, and he left them behind.

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well.... the last gift i had for my ex before she broke up with me,,,the week before valentines was a Star that i named after her. A literal star in the sky,,, Through the international star registry. I still had it,, and i told her, its so pesonalized that you might as well have it. I cant do anything with it.


Had she chose not to take it,, then throw it out would have been the next option.

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With my "good" ex, I saved the things I thought I might want later and gave away the things (to the Goodwill) that I didn't use.


With my "bad" ex, I destroyed everything except a few pics (just to laugh at later down the line). It was kinda therapeutic although it hurt.


I recommend the "bad" ex route for you! It might hurt a little, but it will feel better later, IMO. If you don't want to destroy new gifts, give them away. I wouldn't keep them though, personally. If I hated the person, why would I want to see anything associated with them? Just how I think about it.

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