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Could do with a bit of advice here

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So I like this girl and she pretty much knows I like her cause of how I act around her and that, anyway she talks to me pretty much 24/7 on Facebook, texting and whenever we see each other in person. I was hanging out with her today and we were getting on amazingly (like we usually do) and for some reason she kept like taking tonssssssssssssss of pictures of me and she kept sitting next to me every time I moved. When it came to going home she kept asking me why I was going and jokingly calling me names then she gave me a hug then left.


Also Friday night we both went to a camp out got wayyyyyy to drunk, anyways, we were sitting on the floor holding hands for a bit and then when she left I think she tried to kiss me cause she leaned into me but fell over.


But the thing is she's a bit of a player with guys (like she'll like them then just lose interest in a week or so) but she hasn't done that with me and it's been like how I just explained except without the holding hands and her trying to kiss me for almost 2 months. I've also been really laid back with the whole thing whereas most guys are all over her and I dunno if she's come accross a guy like me before.


Ohh another thing she found out about me liking her around the same time my friend told her he liked her and she just said she doesn't see him in that way but her best friend said that she hasn't said anything like that about me at all. Ohhhhhhhh and another thing, people keep coming up to me saying "Oh you and ***** are getting along/being quite close today"


Some people think she's a man eater but she truly is a nice person and is really considerate. Her friend did say she wants to stay single for a bit 'cause her last to bf's messed her about, one slagged her off and one dumped her then went out with a girl straight after.


Anyway, I just want advice on what to do next cause I really feel there's something there.



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Exactly. What sort of advice are you looking for then?


If you like her, she seems to like you, then ask her out.

If she says yes, and you are unsure if she's really a man eater or not, keep a little bit of a wall up just in case. Otherwise, seems like you just need the right moment to present itself.

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