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Should I tell?


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I'm a self center person. In my whole life I only hurt feeling of others. Because of this I've lost everything my job, my girl friend and love of parents. I don't want to live any more now. I'm afraid when my girl friend come to know about this, she will take herself responsible and may do something wrong. Should I tell her by myself that she is not responsible for this and I'm paying for my sins or should I die in darkness?

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eh no.


What you need is just a little explanation of the concept of 'interests'


You are self centered, despite what you think this is not a bad trait per se. All creatures in nature are self centered, they do this in order to surive, from that point of view it is natural that we take care of ourselves. However


Humans are social creatures, this means we live in groups and that our organisational structure is of a higher form, and thus requires a higher form of intelligence to deal with.


Imagine you steal my food, i get angry and i fight with you. What went wrong? Basically your self interest collided with my self interest and this is why we fought. You are having exactly the same problem with your gf, your job etc.


When you are in a group it does not satisfy enough anymore that you only look at your own personal interest, you constantly have to put yourself in someone elses shoes and look at the 'groups' interest as a whole, with that wisdom you would be wise enough not to take away my food, because you would know that it would damage the interest of the group as a whole. That way you don't think self centered anymore, and that way you dont damage the people of your group around you.


How big is this group, well its the entire existence that you need to take in aspect , but that would be too big for one single human being, as such you need to stay within your circle of competence, and take in aspect the interests of that group of people that fall within your contacts.

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