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not a big problem, just want peoples thoughts


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Hi all. new here.


Heres the story, a very small personal issue but would like peoples opinion...


Ive a female friend. We'll call her Mary. Anyways Mary used to be in to me about 2 or 3 years ago but nothing ever happened. the feelings werent mutual. We remained friends. She now has a boyfriend for over a year now and seems happy enough.

About a month or 6 weeks ago she introduced me to her new workmate - Sarah. foreign girl, excellent english, really interesting. down to earth and stunning looks.


I got to know her and i seriously thought she was into me. Just from all the small things.


I'm short(ish) and shes tall(ish) for a girl, so we're the same height. Shes come out in flats most nights i'm out, and even made a comment "how would you feel about a taller girlfriend". I didnt know where to put my face. Constant kisses on the cheek, asking me what I thought of how she looked etc.


The last night i was out with her she wanted to kiss me, and she did, twice. But before she kissed me she told me two things. First of all that she went on a date with a guy during the week and all he was interested in was kissing her and it wasnt great. The second thing being that she'd be afraid of ruining things with me if we kissed. I said it wouldnt and so we kissed.

The next day, i got a text to say "hi, can we not tell anyone what happened last night, especially mary. Shes asking questions already"

i replied "ye cool no problem i wasnt going to - hope you had a good night and didnt regret it though"

she then says "i dont regret anythign but you know it meant nothing right? we're still good mates as before ye I just sent back "its cool dont be worrying Sarah"


So the next day she asks me to go to pub to watch a game on tv but i couldnt go. I've asked her to cinema (with mates) and for a drink since but she couldnt make it on both accounts.


Like I really dont wanna text here again and go "hey do you want to meet up for a drink", but I want to tell her straight out that I like her, I think she likes me, that I'd understand if she just wants to be mates but that i feel comfortable and honest around her and would like to give it a go. just getting a vibe that shes trying to be nice about it without dropping obvious hints. Maybe I should just grow a pair and text her one last time.


So its either shes thinking of Mary (which is wrong cas shes doesnt like me in that way), really just wants to friends and not into me that way, just wants to be friends first of all or is just plain and simple wants to be single.

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I think she either just wants to be friends, or she is seeing someone else. sorry.


Ye I'm thinking the exact same thing. Ah well! Thanks for reading anyways.


It might be worth just asking her straight out and being a man about it though

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