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Should I talk to her about this?


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Ok, me and my girlfriend of just over a year have a great relationship. We never fight and love each other very much.


However, every one in a while the ONE thing she does that kind of gets on my nerves is: She swoons over hot guy celebrities, amongst other things. Now I know this is all a fantasy world to her.


For example, we were watching a world cup game with a bunch of her friends, and when the camera was behind one of the players, the girls started making remarks about how nice the guys ass was, my girlfriend included.


Now, I honestly don't care if she talks about other hot guys with her friends or with whomever else, but when she's with me I see that as kind of being disrespectful.


I know she doesn't like it because that very same night when we were at her place watching TV, a girl on the TV bent down and you could see her thong. And I, to see how SHE'D like it, went, "Ohh man, look at that." She immediately said "Hey..that's not nice" and proceeded to try and "win" me back from the girl on the TV. I'm very conscious NOT to do that when we're together out of respect for her, so I don't get why she can'e be the same way.


Also, every once in a while on Twitter (she uses it a lot, I don't. I'll only check it every once in a while), she'll say things like "It should be illegal for a women or man with a gorgeous body to run with barely any clothes on, it's a driving hazzard", or "Damn, Spain's goalie is delicious, Yummy". And more recently, she said this:


Agreed RT @blahblah "@ProSexTips: Women love men who know their way around a kitchen, so bend her over the oven and make a creampie."


One of her male friends tweeted that message, and she RETWEETED IT and wrote, "Agreed". I mean * * * is that? Is that wrong?


Sorry for the long post, but could you guys please tell me if I'm overreacting about this or not. Should I just let it be or confront her and ask her to stop making remarks about other guys when she's with me?



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"@ProSexTips: Women love men who know their way around a kitchen, so bend her over the oven and make a creampie."


Ugh, that's disgusting.



Twitter is twitter. I wouldn't be bothered about it, mostly it's meaningless. As for the other thing, don't expect her to be a mind reader. Just say to her "I make an effort not to go fanboy when you're around, and I'd like it if you could make the effort for me. It just feels disrespectful and makes me uncomfortable."

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I would tell her that when she makes those remarks about other men around you, it makes you uncomfortable. Let her know that you don't mind if she does this with her friends, but ask her if she could tone it down when you're around.


I don't think it's unreasonable for you to let her know that you don't like it.

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So it would be stupid to speak to her today about this then, when she hasn't said anything of the sort in a while? I guess I'll wait until she does it again to bring it up, bringing it up when she hasn't said anything might be a bit overkill.


As for the twitter thing, that reply she gave her friend, doesn't that seem a bit, over the top to AGREE when a male friend says something so sexual and disgusting? I'm actually kind of disgusted that she would even respond to something like that.

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The creampie comment was pretty lewd, but I would just let that one go, honestly. You have to pick your battles in relationships, and I don't think it is worth it to get upset over it.


As for when to bring up the remarks about other men, I don't think it would be stupid to do it today even though she hasn't done it in a while. You could phrase in such a way that you're thanking her for not doing that anymore since it made you uncomfortable. Even though she hasn't done it in a while, it is obviously bothering you, so it may be best to get it off of your chest instead of letting your irritation with it continue to build up.

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