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](*,)Womens prospective on this would be great.


I have known this girl for two years (through a friend) and although we are "friends" we rarely ever saw each other and probably only met 10-11 times however at the time I met her she was "close" (a little too close for my friends liking) with my best friend.


I then got dumped a few months ago - she found out via our mutual friend - called me to see how I was and, as such, we have spoken on the phone or by sms every day. At the same time she found out that my friend (who she had a crush on) had a girlfriend and she opened her heart to me.


We live four hours away and when I wasin her town on business we briefly caught up in a shopping centre (she was with her friend) and then recently we agreed to go and grab some lunch...we both went on Holiday (still spoke/sms) and on the return I asked her when we were off out.


Suddenly the txts changed - she started to take a while to reply (although ALWAYS did) - stopped replying to a few messages (again always replied later with an excuse) so I took what I thought was a hint and failed to mention going out for lunch again. She however brought it up, arranged a date and next week we are off.


Question is: why the sudden change in attitude once we discussed grabbing a bite to eat? If it was me instigating it then fair enough but she has been the one to mention it when I went silent on the matter.


Ive never known anything so strange before; not sure if it's the "friend" thing or not and she doesn't want to let me down- any ideas?


Thing is, if she doesn't want to catch up, I don't want to drive four hours for nothing! Yeah it would be great to see her, but not if it's awkward!

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