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Would like your honest opinion only

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My live in g friend of 3 years suddenly left me. We are both over 30 and we had our differences but she never talked to me about her true "inner" feelings. she wouldn't open to me and she would never tell me how she felt. When we tried to talk seriously, she would just sit there. I would tell her, it felt like I was talking to a wall, no emotion or feedback. It was like she was soul-less.


Anyways, when i came home one day from work, it was like a movie. All her stuff was gone and she left me a note saying she loves me but was not in love with me. We weren't fighting or had anything I could point my finger too. It's been over 11 weeks, NC. I guess my pride keeps getting in the way but I feel so betrayed and confused about my rs and the woman I loved. I've done so many things to change, working out more then ever (in the best shape I've ever been in), work is going great, I moved to a new place, dropped a lot of money in new furniture and surroundings, got a new dog,, blah blah blah.... All my thoughts go back to her though,, I still love her even though she doesn't love me... Just want to know wut my fellow enotaloner's think,,, Does one deserve this? What do you think about what she did? I just keep replaying that day, I'm trying to kick her off the pedastol but having a hard time moving on and accepting this situation for what it is.... Please give me your feedback... I'm reaching out to you...

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The truth be told, I didn't see it coming. She never said she was unhappy and never gave me a chance to change the things that bothered her. I just feel so worthless. I loved her the best I could and came home to discover that she left. I don't know why I have a hard time moving on after what she did. It's been a couple months but still torturing myself about the breakup for some sick reason. Some days are better then others...

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You were with for three years and she never opened up to you? I think you deserve to be with someone who will appreciate you and want to talk things out with you. Your pain and confusion is probably due to never getting any answers from her and I don't think it's your fault at all. The woman needs to grow up and learn how to communicate when she's in a relationship.


You sound like a really nice guy with a lot of great qualities. Focus on the good things in your life and what makes you happy. You might just find a woman that's more suitable for you down the road.


And don't blame yourself over this and get upset for it. It takes two people to make a relationship work; one person can't take on all the responsibilities of keeping the relationship alive.

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