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should give it to her?

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Hey everybody to know my new story you can go to my profile and find " this sucks" thread to know


But anyway long story short: three month relationship it started off great and fun and in the last 2 weeks I was busy and I got nelgectful and she tried to make it by setting meetings in a park and one of those times I tried meeting her and I looked everywhere in the park and couldn't find her and she got hurt (she's pretty fragile) and her best friend (whom she met around the same time as our relationship) and he was there for her during those times and then fourth of July and he told her he loves her and kissed her and she told me and I got jealous and she got mad at for that ( I know right * * * ) and then on the 7th of July she said maybe we should be friends to get each other and she feels she doesn't understand me and that all good things must come to a end and went with him immediately after she broke up with me cause one of the reasons is that she chose him was that he would be okay with friendship with as I wouldn't be so cool with it cause I'll be hurting (well no * * * * )


the ages are 16 me 15 her and turning 16 him


yes were are young


anyway I wrote a diary on our relationship since our first kiss

and part of me is thinking about giving it to her to much how much it meant to me but some people shouldn't cause it would look manipulative and push her away


I want a more



and I wrote her

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I don;t think you should give it to her. she needs to decide on her own who she wants to be with, all that can happen from this is that she may see you as manipulative and trying too hard to get her back.


Keep the journal for yourself and look back at it and how you felt through all this.


You guys are young, enjoy what you had and try to think about what you would have done differently if you had a chance, and make sure you do that if she does come back to you.


Nothing is more attractive than someone who doesn't seem to give a * * * * about you (weird huh?)

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This is only true for immature people that have no idea what it takes to have a healthy loving relationship.


which given that she is 15 and he is 16, is probably a pretty safe bet. Not the usual advice I would give, but given their ages, I think him giving her the diary is not a good idea at this time.

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Giving that diary to her will come accross as desperate attempt to make her change her mind and another act for jealousy. I would suggest either putting it away perhaps you'll enjoy reading it one day or getting rid of it all together. Besides, your diary are your thoughts, what makes you think she will appreciate the gesture. Anyways, my 2c, good luck brotha

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I honestly think that giving her the diary is a real no-go if you want her back.


I don't think it will do what you hope it will. All that will work is maybe giving her some time and letting her realise what she lost when she broke up with you.


Also, giving the diary may end up with her telling people at school or mutual friends about what you wrote, and that may end up really bad for you.

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