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How to tell if a girl likes you if you can't physically see each other?


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I have been searching forever to find the answer to this question.. This girl and I have been talking since April. We attend the same university and are both home for the summer.. She lives 5 hours away.. therefore I am unable to see her.. We dated for a few weeks but decided to see what the summer gave us since we met just before school was out.. I kinda feel like she likes me.. but I am not really sure.. I find myself focusing a lot on this.. and I am not ready to ask her out because im afraid of rejection... So what are some tall tail signs that there might be a romantic interest on her part?


She talks to me everyday..

She initiates 95% of all conversations

She has never referred to me as her friend

She talks about her problems to me and when I bring up things about myself in which I want to change.. she tells me she wants to hear them.

She makes up reasons to talk to me..

She picks on me and will flirt from time to time

Sends me picture messages every once in a while showing me her hair cuts

she told me once that she wanted to talk to me and see how i was because she had been talking a lot about me.

She offers her own opinion when I tell her things..

She is attentive and remembers things that i tell her

She sometimes gets mad at me over dumb stuff.. kinda like a gf/bf would..



I just dont know what these things mean..


Friendship or something more?


Females.. do you recognize any of these behaviors when you tend to like a guy?

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