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My ex and I broke up about a month ago. I guess it was mutual, as neither of us were happy being long distance, but I was at least willing to work at it. Anyways, I was planning on visiting my family at the end of the month, as I don't get too see them too often. However, I just found out that she wants to go see her family at the same time, who just happen to live in the same town as mine. I think this may be a problem, as we have the same group of friends in that town, and I would really prefer to keep NC, just for my own sake.


I really can't change my plans, as I'm riding up there with a friend of mine who is going for work. Would it be too rude to see if she could delay her trip or anything along those lines? I'm almost positive if we were in town at the same time we would see each other, which I am really not ready for...

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