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Well, last night I got a bit drunk with some friends and after the party ended before going to sleep I sent her an sms: "I should not send you this but I miss you and I miss us". Then went to bed as it was around half past 3 am.

In the morning she sent me a "good morning" message and then she said in another one: "us" sounds so...

(I tried to translate the message to make sense, we are not native english speakers). Since then nothing.


Almost a week ago we met, as it was my birthday. It was the first time we met on purpose after more than half a year. It was really good to see her and I felt that our meeting like in the past when we were dating each other.


Now I can't stop thinking about her. Damn.

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Well, this is the short story: she broke up with me in june last year after few months into the relationship because the ex popped back in the picture and she told me she's confused and that she does not want to make a choice between us. I don't know if that's the real reason or not, frankly it does not matter anymore. Through out the year she kept contacting me and I responded each time, until a bit over 3 months ago when I had enough and told her to leave me alone.

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Yeah, I do.


She sent me another message this afternoon: "Your message started a turmoil inside me. Especially since I woke up reading it."

I told her: "Did it upset you?" and left it to that.


To answer you, DN: Yes. I do want her back. But I want her to show me that she wants me. That she wants this to be a long time relationship. That she's trying.

And the good thing is that I can wait. I am no longer the needy person I was after the breakup. I am strong, fun, (hell) good looking and I stand on my own, without depending on someone to be happy

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These cryptic messages are just playing games. Ask her directly to say what she wants from you and if she either doesn't reply or gives more answers in indecipherable code then go no contact and move on. Who has time for this sort of nonsense?

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Huge update: I was practicing for the dancing group and I did not check my phone. When I did I had a message from her: How much do you miss me? Enough to give US another chance?


I replied with only "Yes".

She replied with: "I want to see you"


Thus I am meeting her tonight (in an hour actually). I am thrilled and also a bit scared. I waited for this moment over a year. But I have several things that I want to keep my mind at: take it slow, build a new relationship as the old one is dead, guard my heart (really hard to do as I was deeply in love with her) and watch for red flags (if any).


Wish me luck.

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Good luck with this. I never know what 'taking it slow' really means other than that it can be dangerous. But make sure you talk about how to fix what went wrong in a constructive way - and keep us updated.

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