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My ex and I dated for 4 months. Something happened in her life and she slowly put a wall up and some distance up between us. For the most part of the relationship though, It was great, which is an admission on both parties and I treated her great and she treated me great. Just after a while, she blamed the stress of the incident and said that she just didnt think it was fair that she cant give me time of a relationship, and she declared she wanted to "take a break". I asked the difference and well this was something that was not permanent and the other one is.

I asked several things, like should I wait for her...(if someone comes along that makes me happy dont wait..), if there was someone else since that happened to me (she said no, another guy was last thing on her mind, and yes I know its none of my business if there is.) She said that also since school was starting soon she didnt wanna choose between her school work and my time...I didnt flat out ask if we could back together after the incident that happens and drama settles down, but implied it after knowing what she told me about school, and she said she couldnt answer it, we would have to see.

She seemed more concerned about me, by apolgizing several times and asking how I was. She also said she really didnt know what else to do. Which I find odd, but whatever. Anyways, she wants to be my friend, and I also want to be her friend, be there for her.

It's harder since we work like right near each other.

I do also take some blame, as at times I wanted her time, more so than she wanted to give at times. And whined about this.


My question, What should I do? I've never been in the "taking a break" thing. Please help me.

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The best thing is to assume the relationship is over, start the healing process and move on. Don't be her friend because that won't serve you. If she changes her mind decide what to do then but don't hesitate to date other women when you are ready. Let her know that this is what you intend to do so she can't say she was misled.

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