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Grabbing a female's butt. Is it lesbian?

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Honestly, it all depends which friend it is. There are a select few female friends I have and do that to eachother. Trust me, none of us have lesbian tendencies, most of us have boyfriends. It's more jokingly and playful than anything else.


But, if a girl grabbed my butt that wasn't part of those friends who I joke around with, I would probably be really weirded out, haha.

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Personally i think it is just quite odd, though not necessarily 'lesbian'... some people may think it is funny, or come from a really 'huggy' family, but grabbing someone's arse is kind of presumptious.


But if you don't like it i'd tell the person to knock it off, and not to handle your goods thank you very much.

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I would think it is a little odd, but I guess a lot depends on the type of relationship you have with this person. Some have a more hands-on relationship (kissing, hugging etc.) some relationships are more hands off. This is true of any of the other types relationships ie. family. It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean you like each other more or less. These are the things normal to the relationship.


If it bothers you, tell her.

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