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Do I have a chance?


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The other day I asked a girl if she was interested in me as more than a friend, after having thought about things she had said in the past which could have been interpreted as hints.


She responded (and this is only a snippet of the message) "...care for you, but for now, as a friend.".


I have no problem with her response, however it's left me a bit confused, and if you hadn't already guessed it's the "for now" part that I'm unsure about. I told a friend about what she said and their opinion was that she liked me. I'm not convinced.


What do you think? Have I been placed in an inescapable friend-zone or is she open to the idea of a relationship with me? Another situation? If it had been a straight-forward Yes or No reply I would have been content with the answer, however I cannot decipher the meaning of that particular sentence.


Sorry for being so brief. Privacy concerns.

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INHO it's never a good idea to put all your cards on the table so early. It's better if you let things take their natural course. It's like expressing your heartfelt feelings too early...scares people away. Better to be light and focus on having fun..and if you see reciprocating signs then move to the next level.........................

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Hello Soldier, at the moment is friend's zone as she said.


Do you enjoy that or it hurts?


If it hurts and you don't want her as a friend..... just be clear... move on and tell her you need your spaces as you have feelings her.


If she realizes she misses you, she'll contact you... otherwise if she needs a friend she can buy herself a dog.

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Thanks for the replies.


Definitely friend zone. She was trying to be nice although I can see how you take it being maybe it could develop into something.


This is what I thought.


I should perhaps mention that there are a few..."obstacles", present at the moment which would get in the way of a relationship anyway, so I can't help but think I choose an inappropriate moment to ask.


Maybe things will be different in the future but for now I'll stick with what I have, a friend.


Do you enjoy that or it hurts?


A bit of both really. I got my answer but at the same time I'm very disappointed. I don't wish to lose her as a friend though so I shall continue staying in contact with her.


Friendzone for sure. Remember next time to not talk about relationships or emotions until laaaaater. Just have fun going out and getting to know each other, then let the emotions follow.


I'm in-experienced with dating (no gf's), so I'll bare that in mind in the future.

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