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approaching at a late night restuarant?


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so i went to a club with a few guy friends. afterwards we went to a late night restuarant....where a girl at another table exchanged eye contact with me briefly as i sat down. i noticed the table was 2 guys and 4 girls..and she wasn't sitting next to any of the guys.


later i paid the cashier, walked back to my table and the same girl made eye contact with me. we held eye contact and i gave her my slightest smile possible, she looked away, and i laughed to myself...


i don't know if they extra long eye contact meant she was interested or that she looked away first meant she wasn't interested. i hear its best not to read too much into this type of body language....


so how could i have approached her and talked to her?? its not like we're at a club or on the street where i can approach her and one of us can easily disengage. i am really new to flirting...i used to have low self esteem where if i made the slightest eye contact i would look away first in disgust feeling ashamed of myself.

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You would have to be oozing with confidence to cold approach someone like that. I would have given you major kudos for walking over to her and joining the table. I'm confident, but not that confident.


Sometimes a glance is a glance and you can't read into it too much. It can be awkward if you don't know her and you don't know the people she is with. It'd be different if she was at a table with at least someone who you knew.

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Only way is to cold approach I agree with easyguy..lol but I wouldnt say u should have done so.U smiled,that is the right thing to do.She should have smiled back and then u can go up..since she looked away..maybe she's just shy.So just take that eye contact a compliment. Sometimes it's just not the right time.

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