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Do you drive just to sort feelings?


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Is it normal for a person to drive just to sort out feelings?


Sometimes when I get depressed or just emotionally unsettled, I would drive on a freeway in any direction ( I just randomly pick a direction) at late nights in till I sorted out my emotions.


Sometimes I would drive 50+ miles forward in a freeway then when I feel better I drive back home.


Do you guys do this too? Is it normal?

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Yes I do.

I go places and take photos.


I love nature and old architecture there is plenty of that here.


Usually at night I arrive at the beach as the tide is high and you can hear the waves crashing on the shore.


Whatever is therapeutic for you.....do it.

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Unfortunately, I can't drive yet, but even if I can, I doubt I would waste gas money not to mention it's not really safe to drive when you're thinking so much.


However, I do like walking when I'm feeling depressed. I would walk to place to shop (or window shopping for that matter) to feel more energetic not to mention it's a great way for me to shed some pounds off me.

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I usually drive up north or just drive up the coastal areas with my stereo cranked up.


One time I was upset about life and took a drive up north and ended up almost in San Francisco.


I ended up spending the night somewhere and taking a few days off and exploring San Francisco by myself.


I LOVE driving, hence why I have over 250K miles on my car

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Its a time of day thing for me. My mind goes a thousand miles an hour, and constantly think. In those times i spend days walking amongst the trees or sitting at the beach, and i always find it therapeutic to walk knee deep along the water on sunny days.


At night is when i do the driving. And i'm a music guy, but sometimes the only song playing is the sound of the engine.

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