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I don't think I am strong enough not to go back to him...

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Ever had an attraction to someone you just can't explain or put your finger on it? From the first time you saw them something, almost like electricity, went through your body and getting to know them only turned that jolt into a magnetic pull you can't shake off?


Ever have this deeper, unexplainable pull to someone, who is completely 100% undoubtedly TOXIC to you and your wellbeing?!


Meet my magnet- we'll call him Alex.


I don't think I want to get into our big whole nasty story because it is very long but lets put it this way-


We started off as a one night fling but soon began seeing each other more and after a fight we actually had, we started developing feelings for one another. However, the closer we got he begun playing hot and cold with me up until a certain point where i found out he was sleeping around...


He denies any of it but come on. We work in a restaurant (yes together) and the bartender was only ONE of the females who you bragged about to coworkers- you think I'm not going to hear about it! Dumb!


So after months of torment and finally getting myself to a place of peace- he is coming back around. Calling me, inviting me to go hang out again, popping in when he doesn't work that day but I do for "made up reasons" of schedule checking and shift covering, etc.


How do i stay strong and keep myself away? I KNOW this is only his hot spell that is going to turn cold the minute I let my guard down. On top of that he's a man * * * * * who isn't changing any time soon... emotionally I have myself shut up and him locked out, but it's really almost a physical pull that makes me want to go back... just for one more night, one more time!! and that's it!


He's almost like a drug- I know coming down is going to be awful but I can handle it. One more hit won't be that bad so long as I don't make it a habit again?!


I want him out of my life and basically away from me- all he will do is create problems and damage me more...

I just need help from others, anyone!! If you've ever been in this situation, if you've ever known anyone in this situation...

How do I stay strong and keep away from him?

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