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ocd panic attack

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was trap on the bus for 3 hrs in a traffic and had a obsessive panic attack. it felt horrible. i wanted to scream. but i cant. not in front of a bus full of passengers. it was tough fighting the thoughts in my mind. acid started to reflux in my stomach. that 3 hr seem like eternality. i wish some one who has similar experience to share it with me and any assurance and support would be very kind...

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hmm.. i'm facing a career crisis.. i dont know where my career is leading me.. i hated my current job.. and the office bully there.. i realise i dont have much people i can trust.. told someone in church my boss took my credit.. took the distinction award for a project that i design, wrote, and produce. i was very upset.. and that church friend say we should talk to straighten out my thoughts. i felt why did i bother telling him in the first place? and i know a lot of people but i just have no one i can talk to.. that is why i am here posting up

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feel for ya....when im on crowded trains my anxiety kicks in and i just wanna get off and i cant stand it, start to feel that adrenilin kick in...arrgh


it has got better in time ...much better, but theres still situations that flare it up...like being trapped (and it is trapped isnt it) on a bus/train or the like...mainly crowds of peeps is what does it in situations i cant escape


when i first got it (after a major car crash & mental breakdown) i was on diazipan and other anti depressants, and it took a while but i got off them and on with life, bit by bit. had counselling ....great help...tho the biggest help was me loosing some weight and feeling better about myself where i didnt feel as tho i was 'targetable' by other crowds. now i have lost 3.5 stone and i wear what i like and not give a * * * * but i do still have problems that need ironing out, but hopefully OP you wont be as bad as me cos ive been in abusive relationship and other stuff.


def get the counselling....all the best, peeps dont understand what its like and how it affects how you react. it also affects your own relationships (as mine has done recently)


take care...and it does get better xxx

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I've had panic attacks quite a few times in my life. They seem to come when my stress and anxiety levels are high and usually revolve around crowds and feeling trapped, kind of like yours.


With me they could go away for years and then come back again when stressed. I tried drugs and with me they led to more problems than answers. Thats just my situation.


I usually try to picture my perfect place in my head which is a quiet lake in the forest that I go to, and just focus on that as much as I can until the situation is over.


Another thing was to talk about it to people I knew and not be ashamed as to what happens, kind of helps me too. You're not alone.

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Being trapped indefinitely inside a small capsule filled with other people is enough to panic the sanest person you know. That's why it's important not to beat yourself up for this or to attribute it to some form of mental deficiency. (This is the reason why millions of people won't fly, btw.)


Research the term 'square breathing'. It's a technique to practice during non-panic times so that it comes easily to you when you need it. It prevents your breath and heart rate from spinning out of control, and it focuses your mind on performing the exercise instead of flipping out and feeling smothered.


Basically, it's a four-step breathing pattern, and it helps to think of it as a square that expands your breathing into four 'sides' rather than a racing parallel of in-out-in-out.


1. Inhale to the count of 4

2. Hold to the count of 4

3. Exhale to the count of 4

4. Hold to the count of 4


Repeat until the panic is passed.


You can't just read this technique, try it once and then put it in your pocket for later use. It needs to be practiced regularly so it becomes something you can do on cue--otherwise your panic will override it and you won't be able to pull it off when you need it.


Lots of people incorporate this practice into their regular meditation routine.

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