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Confused don't know what's wrong with me


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Hey everyone this is my first post so i'm not 100 percent sure if this is the right category, given that there are so many. Anyway's i appreciate you're understanding and patience in advance!


So basically i'm extremely confused in my life right now. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years because i'm leaving to go to college accross the country. She was my first true love and we were awesome together, i mean i can't say taht i've ever been so compatible with anyone in my entire leave and she felt the same way. The sex was absolutely incredible throughout the two years and in our early days would be having sex up to 5 times a day. She was extremely horny as was i and we just had this incredible passion and connection. We're both in highschool but we've both had sex with several people i know she had sex with atleast 10 guys(some of which sizewise were extremely intimidating)I've only actually enjoyed sex with her because it was so intense and emotional. We were very communitive about everything including our sex lives and experimented quite a bit without any issues. It was just incredible. After breaking up with her about 2 months ago i have "hooked up" with several girls but just basic making out while i've been extremely hammered. I haven't gotten to the point where i've felt comfortable taking it further and that's complimented by the fact i have EXTREME erectile disfunction when i'm drunk, embaressed on several occasions and erections are nearly impossible. My ex has recently been sleeping with another guy which she made sure to tell me, and i guess i'm a little upset that she moved on so quickly. But recently i have been hooking up with this very attractive women/girl haha whatever and havent' been able to get hard once. I mean i usually chill with some of my boys and her crew and she constantly wants to hook up with me. We've always been drunk and i haven't been able to get hard but i think it's a combination of things. First of all, she is beyond dumb i mean stupid. Sometime's she can be mildly funny but her personality is so boring and she isn't communitive. Second, i think she only likes me because she thinks im an athletic stud who has a scholarship for football and am decently wealthy. Thirdly, i'm a little bit timid to take out my penis unless i'm fully erect. I mean my penis is 6.7 inches with nice girth so i can work with it, granted unless i bust my ass off it won't be mind boggling, but i use what i have. I mean i just want to see her when i have a boner so i can get rid of this anxiety. Yesterday while drunk she dragged me to hook up and accused me ofhaving a small penis, without even seeing it, because i've been avoiding taking it out. Furthermore she wouldn't believe me when i told her i can't get erections while drunk. This girl pisses me off but i just want to have sex with her because i want to help get over my ex. i know it's not an honorable cause, but i figure this girl is retarded and she knows i'm going to college in a few months and still wants to date, hook up and practically stalk me. I am just curious how i can stem my anxiety, because i was very comfortable with my penis around my x and she loved it, its just that i'm timid to take it out. How can i get over this anxiety, stop relating everything i do with my x and not have raging erectile disfunction. I am not interested in dating this girl i just need to move on and am a little inseure because i don't have a monster * * * * . I just expect every girl to think that because i'm not hung like a horse they won't giveme the time of day.


PS: My x cheated on me about 6 months into our 2 year relationship by having sex witha nother guy, at the time i didnt really like her so i didn't care. I did break up with her for 2 months, where she ended up having sex with some dudes and me some girls. She felt terrible about it genuinely and practically cried for weeks and bought me numerous items and eventaully i gae her a second chance. The thing is i never EVER got over it and that's the underlying reason why i broke up with her. I have huge trust issues beause of things with my mom and now her and don't think i'm willing to trust another women. I mean her cheating on me scarred me for life and blamed myself for not having a huge penis, i guess the bottom line is i'm a little insecure about my penis size and showing it to another person. I'm probably just paranoid because i know what i'm capable of because i had some crazy sex with my ex but i don't just i just don't know!!! Probably not even a huge dilema but i needed to vent and get some feedback. My buddies think i'm a tough brute who doesnt have emotions and just hook up with girls and i've told them about my ED problem but i wuldn't tell them something like this. Thanks for any feedback lol i feel like just writing this down has helped cure some anxiety.

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Erhm, what ?...I am not sure what kind of bull * * * * you are reading, or the bull your ex is sprouting, but your penis size is above average and there aren't many that are larger, by far the most are below that. If you hear this stuff from your ex, she is either gullible as hell or she just has horrid perception since she has trouble judging what size it is. Seriously, stop being insecure.


And if you know you're about to be with someone...stop drinking as much.

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It seems you are all over the place. But I have an easy solution for what I "think" is one of your problems... You say you want to show her yourself but don't want to do it while you're drunk because you can't get it 'up'.


Well, stop getting drunk. Then you won't have to worry about your issue.


And you call her stupid, dumb and boring... so, first of all, why do you want to be with her? Secondly, why do you even care what she thinks about your size?

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