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Too deep in sleep to be waken up??

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Hi everyone, I'm wondering if a healthy person can be too deep in sleep to be waken up.


I went to my bf's house to have dinner last night, no alcohol at all, then we talked a bit in his bedroom as he's trying to find a new job now and has loads of stress. Then he looked tired so I suggested that he might just lay down a bit. He fell asleep quickly as usual. Then I noticed it was actually 10:30pm so I thought I might just wake him up and then go home as I planned. I found it a bit difficult to wake him up, but evetually I did, and he asked me to stay. I then went to the bathroom to change and shower, by the time I went back to him room, he was sleeping in the middle of the bed, I asked him to move over or I wouldn't be able to lay down, no response, I tried to be louder, no response, I shook and poked him, he gave a very vague "mmhmmm", and I asked him to move over again, he again made a "mmhmmm" sound and fell asleep right after. I literally tried all I could to ask him to move over, and gave up eventually. I tried to sleep in the living room but it was cold, I went back to his room and I was actually a bit scared as he just couldn't be waken up-this never happened before, even he's sleeping (say post-sex) when I came back from the bathroom, he's always able to move over and then cuddle with me. What made it more scary was that he said something that totally didn't make sense when I shook him, as if he was talking in his dreams.


After like half an hour, he eventually move a bit so I could lay down on the edge of the bed. He snored loudly for a while and after he turned over, it finally stopped. After maybe 2 or 3 hours, I felt that he got up, took the glass on the nightstand and drank some water from it, and then fell back to sleep. He got up from the bed at about 6am and when he came back he immediately cuddled with me, I knew he's "back", so I asked him if he remembered anything from last night...nothing. He said it was so strange and never happened on him before.


I am quite concerned as he never behaved this way before, not even after he ran a marathon. According to him nothing special happened yesterday which makes the situation even more strange. How can somebody be that deep in his sleep?? Is it normal/healthy?

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I think it is rather common. It sounds like he was reallllly tired.


I have gotten into deep sleep like that before- my husband said that he has tried to wake me up, to no avail, and instead of waking I freak out and try to wave my arms defensively, and sometimes will groan in annoyance while still asleep. So at least he did not do that to you when you tried to wake him.

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last night i thought my cat died because he wouldn't wake up even if i poked him or wiggle his legs.


Been there, done that with my guinea pigs.


Occasionally, I will find one of my guinea pigs sprawled out in the middle of the cage, looking like they are dead I used to freak out and poke at him/her until they woke up and gave me a nasty look.

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