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he'll always have my heart ughh why

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Its been 3 months almost, hes was a liar and a cheater and he used me...but I still miss him so much, and I feel like I dont want anyone else...Hes back with his ex, and he played me so bad...why do I miss him...Im afraid of commitment now, and I think about him everyday. Ive had many relationships, and we werent even together that long, but I never felt that connected to anyone...he ruined me so bad. I kinda have OCD can that have something to do with it? I check his myspace and facebook so many times a day...why? I dont wanna forget about him thats the thing. I respect myself, and I know when its over its over to just walk away, Ive walked away havent talked to him in along time. I know theres nothing I can say or do to change things, lol...I tried. Everything I do or think, my mind always comes back to him...Its sickening...Usually I have my wall up, but with him I let my wall fall down probably the first day, and thats not like me at all...He tricked me, and im still heartbroken and I donno what to do...He definantly will always have my heart, Its crazy how one person can make another person feel this way..

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I went through the same thing when I was in high school, and the guy that used me also took my virginity, cheated and harassed me a few months after. He is singing a much different tune these days.

Anyway, what you need to do is focus solely on yourself. You know this guy is a jerk. Chances are there are many, MANY guys out there one hundred times better, hotter, sweeter, funnier than this guy and will treat you like a princess. It has only been a few months, sometimes it takes longer to heal from a break-up from different people.


Let me ask you this: Did he sweet talk you? Tell you how he's in love or falling for you, how you mean everything to him, how you're so special, called you sweet pet names, etc? Chances are he probably did and they use this as a way to gain your trust and respect quicker. You have to take these kinds of lines with a grain of salt (especially early on in a relationship) Also, your mind could simply be missing the guy you *thought* he was, not the true scum he probably is. Please take this into consideration.


Whatever you do, DO NOT look at his myspace or facebook!!! I have been there and the feeling of curiosity is overwhelming, almost magnetic...but just know it will only bring more pain and it is the emotional equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot...you know you might find something you don't want to find. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I say block him completely out of your life until you know you are totally over him.


When this sort of thing happened to me, I'd always think about the guy. I wanted him to suffer as I have, and I wondered WHY he would do something like this to me. I felt embarrassed. But guys like this get theirs. Karma usually bites back because they are worthless. Don't think all guys are like this. And only commit when you know you can trust them...i.e. a lot more than a few months into a relationship. it is ok to let others into your life, but try not to completely break down the wall right away, even if you think you should. Remember that at the beginning of any sort of relationship, you come first until you truly know/trust the other person.


Have you tried getting to know more people? Maybe go out with some friends, go on some dates (you don't have to jump into a relationship as you might not be ready) but do things to get as far away from the idea of this guy as possible. And dating around (responsibly of course) is fun! You meet all sorts of new guys and you never know what might happen.

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