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5 assignments away!

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some being marked, 3 with one task left to do!!! weeeee!!!! cannot wait to go to uni.


I had to delete my origional thread/journal on my university/education process due to having far far too much personal info in there, such as where I had applied and which uni's were my firm and insurance choices.


But yeah, I'm so excited. Really scared, be the first time of moving out (aside from the month I was staying in a shelter).


I've got to learn to cook food, I wont be able to have cerial because I only drink soya milk (the alpro soya blue) and can only get that in 1lt cartons =(


how did anyelse who moved into halls of residents manage it? what was it like? I'm deaf so thats probably going to be a small problem when I get ear infections and cant use my hearing aids!!! oh hell i am terrified. Do i have to go? bleeeeeeep, dont know what to doooo!!!!


and yeah im just here rambling on about it!!!







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Well done!


Try not to worry too much, sometimes what you can imagine is worse than what it really is. Focus on the good things, new friends to meet, new things to learn etc. It's exciting and scary all at the same time.


As for living in halls, one advantage of being deaf is not being bothered by noisy neighbours!!!


You might want to make sure your uni has a deaf alerter link removed or some other device if you can't hear the fire alarm.


Every halls are different, are you going self catering, or do you get food? If self catering you should get shared access to a kitchen with a fridge, cooker, cupboards, microwave. You should bring your own cutlery, crockery, saucepans etc. Not too much either as you have to bring it all back at the end of term! Don't fuss about having everything matching The big supermarkets will probably sell cheap duvet, pillows, saucepans etc.

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hey. I opted out of the flashing firealarm/vibrating pillow (I can hear highpitched noises so it would be pointless) also I am terrified of fire! so thinking about it was too hard for me.


I'm in selfcatered, I've got access to all those things, just got to buy all the cutlery and pots/pans and everything. Paper plates and bowls too!! (I have sensitive skin so cant wash up really my hands peal and get dermatitis)

I'll be taking my own bedding I know that much. got to take my pc and netbook with me.


Yeah I realise that being deaf = no noisy neighbors.


sorry my post is all over the place..

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i recommend signing up for special res programs. at our school, they had different interest groups, where people who like to travel can live together. people who have lived in those houses told me they met so many interesting people that way. i lived in a normal res and i didn't really like it. i didn't hate it and i don't regret it, but i don't think i met too many interesting people.


i also recommend in getting involved, especially at university, it's so easy to get lost. goodluck with everything!! congrats.



OH and one big tip: if you have roommates, be sure to show up early on your first day so you can pick out your closet/bed/etc first. I was the last to show for mine and got a little screwed over.



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because if I fail the assignment no university for me


If you quit the assignment it's no university for you either. Feel the fear and do it anyway. It's something you'll have to come to terms with eventually, and every little step that you manage to complete will help it seem less daunting.

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