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  1. I sympathise Victoria as I also suffer with migraines, though not to the same level of severity, and can usually treat it with over-the counter medicines for migraine. I did read in a UK paper that new research is showing that migraines are triggered by light and that this may lead to new forms of treatement: link removed It's interesting because when I have a migraine I often feel that the pain is drilling into my eye. My mother had migraine too for many years but after going through the menopause and finishing HRT her migraines have stopped. I'm sure women's menstrual cycles have
  2. I saw this thread when it was first posted (and the previous one), went away for a few days, hoping you’d get things resolved. Sadly not. I’m surprised that you are letting the situation make you ill Ren. Of course, wanting to know whether someone likes you back is anxiety-making. It’s simple to resolve: just ask them! You can take all the meds you like but it won’t provide you with an answer. I was in a similar situation to you, over a year ago. Liked a man that I knew socially, and wanted to ask him out. I posted on ENA asking for advice on how to do this. I opted for an indir
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