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Friended me on facebook, then blocked me from reading friends posts

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Who on earth would do this? It was like he was trying to tell me he has nothing to hide (he specifically unhid his profile which was part of the reason we had problems) then prevents me from reading his friends posts which also means I can't post to his wall.


It makes no sense unless he has something to hide. From his profile, it didn't look like he had a lot of activity anyway until he blocked me.


I defriended him and let him know that I thought he was shady. I have to move on but I don't understand why he would pretend to be open (he wanted me to contact him) then close off his friends posts???!!!


For the record, I don't think he wanted to break up. I think he was trying to punish me for his own jealousy problem and thought I would contact him.

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Hi Belle...it sounds like a strange game to me - I'd wonder what he had to hide...I think you did the right thing by defriending him, I might do the same soon...sorry you are hurt by this, it does seem weird though and you might be better out of the situation for a while...I'm thinking I might do the same thing Eclipse x

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Thanks Eclipse. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense. He couldn't block me in the beginning and everything I read was pretty innocuous and he didn't have that many posts to begin with. I think he's being passive aggressive and trying to hurt me because I wont' contact him when he's the one that dumped me. And he dumped me because he felt betrayed that I had gone out to play tennis with another guy when we hadn't even had "the talk" about exclusivity. I think I seriously dodged a bullet this time.


I thought it would be cool if we could just remain friends on fb for a while but I think you would be better served to defriend your ex for now. It's just healthier and you won't feel the need to check up and see what they're doing.

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Yes I think you've dodged a bullet...my ex, too, did not post very much before I joined and all of a sudden then, when I joined, was making friends with girls left, right and centre, he could be passive-aggressive too...sigh - I was considering a reconciliation as well before this...Eclipse x

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Sometimes guys want to win at all costs. They don't realize that you can't compete and pursue romance at the same time.


Your ex would have been better suited not to pull out the big guns and just be mysteriously unavailable instead of flaunting something in your face. My ex (sounds weird to say that since we dated for such a short time) didn't go out of his way to friend new women (jut one I think) or be overly active, but he knows how I feel about guys trying to make women jealous. I told him I don't put up with it and it just turns me off. So he chose the underhanded way of making me wonder what he's up to. That worked out well for him. Now there's no open line of communication, and since he's teh one that friended me, it's clear he wanted one.


Colossal failure to communicate on his part. Maybe he'll grow up when he realizes what an idiot he is and waht he's lost.

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